Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Salt Lake City has a new head planner, will anything change??

Downtown as duskImage via Wikipedia After a nationwide search Ralph Becker went to neighboring Davis County to find the new head of planning for Salt Lake City:

Familiar face to lead SLC planning

Wilf Sommerkorn was familiar to many as the blogger at Utah Planners Corner although he stopped blogging about a year and a half ago.

Will this be good for Salt Lake City?

Right now I am on the fence on this one. Like any of us he has his good points and his not so good points.

As I have said many times Salt Lake City needs some changes in direction when it comes to planning. We saw the cave in when it came to Smith's in Sugar House, we see the pedestrian unfriendly Wal-Mart at 300 West/1300 South in a area of transit dependent people, and so on.

Wilf seems to have some common sense when it comes to planning so we can hope that it will bode well.

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google_PEAK_OIL said...

I spent a lot of time chatting with Wilf on Utah Planner's corner, and even earlier than that on his "Legacyhotsheet" Legacy Highway promotion blog. I would like to think that he has a lot better appreciaton of our future energy challenges and their consequences for urban planning as a result.