Friday, August 08, 2008

Perils for Pedestrians

Here is another Perils for Pedestrians video.

The first part of the video talks about a pedestrian right of way along the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad in Salem Oregon. Here you have a new trail along with a major rail line coexisting side by side.

The second section of the video discusses new pedetrian bridges over an interstate highway in South Carolina. The video mentions how people attempted to cross the freeway before there was a bridge (sounds like the Layton tragedy from a few months ago).

The third section of video talks with a traffic engineer from Rockville, Maryland who talks about the lack of ways to measure pedestrian safety and how they came up with a system to do it.

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John Z Wetmore said...

Google Video stops hosting videos on April 29. See "Perils For Pedestrians" 91 on Blip TV at

Thank you.

John Z Wetmore said...

Perils For Peds 91 is moving again. The new location is on YouTube at: