Sunday, August 17, 2008

Opinions from the Daily Herald...

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Opinion from today's Daily Herald.

The Daily Herald makes a very good point. Right now Front Runner commuter rail is under construction from Salt Lake City to Provo. This will provide Utah County's first rail service and will be a big change for the area. In the past many people asked why you would need TRAX service when you have commuter rail.

Now that Front Runner is up and running people can start telling the difference between the two. Commuter rail is excellent for longer trips between longer distances. Light Rail on the other is excellent in providing service between shorter distances.

That would leave only one tier in the hierarchy of transit service missing and that is streetcar. The hierarchy being bus service--->Streetcar--->Light Rail--->Commuter Rail. Each one in the hierarchy has its place and provides a different level of service. Each provides a different level of service but when designed properly provide a regional network of effective transit solutions.

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