Thursday, August 21, 2008

Buses to Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain??

Markers for UTA buses in Salt Lake CityImage via Wikipedia Express bus plan short on time

What happens when you build a lot of homes in a rural area without the proper infrastructure and no transit service? You get what is happening in Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain and that is traffic problems galore.

While Eagle Mountain has used New Urbanist style designs in their homes, it still does not overcome the fact that the area is rural and not ready for a major suburban development.

While adding the sales tax will get the cities limited Utah Transit Authority bus service, it does not solve the basic problems of large developments were the infrastructure is not designed to handle the amount of traffic it now has.
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Cameron said...

I'm an Eagle Mountain resident, and I recently wrote about the UTA annexation proposal to be voted on next month. I'd appreciate any feedback you might have.

Anonymous said...

To be realistic, infrastructure development is never put in place before an area begins to build, at least not in Utah County. The fact that Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs developed so rapidly, shows that there was a pent up demand for infrastructure development in the north end of Utah County. The fact that it took twelve years of growth and 40,000+ residents later, did UDOT finally get the message. In Salt Lake County it is a different story. They built Bangereter Hwy before development began in earnest and they are currently planning the Mtn. View corridor. You never see this forward type of thinking being applied to Utah County. I wouldn't blame Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, or West Lehi for these problems, but rather UDOT who prefers to spend their money in Salt Lake County and pretend that Utah County doesn't exist.