Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blog Postings from this week...

LTD's Eugene Station.Image via Wikipedia From the Mobilizing the Region comes:

Congestion Pricing’s World Tour

Talking about cities around the world that are using congestion pricing. The New York Legislature killed congestion pricing for New York City but other cities are using it or proposing it.

From the Light Rail Photos Blog comes:

Eugene BRT

Photos of the BRT line in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene has been used as an example of a successful BRT system (even though it only recently started-it was successful a year before it was running!!). Little hard to compare the new service to existing bus service when the regular bus service required fare payment but the BRT line is Fare Free.

From Steve Munro's Blog out of Toronto:

The Psychology of Free Parking

Steve makes some good points on the arguments people make for having free parking at the park N ride lots. What would be the result if UTA started charging at TRAX stations or the Park N Ride Lots?

From the Transit Miami Blog:

Alvarez Proposes Cutting Bus Routes

In 2002 Miami voted to increase taxes to get an increase in transit service and two extensions of their Metro Rail System. Now bus service is proposed to be cut and there has been little to no progress on the extensions of MetroRail. Compare that to our area where we have seen some great progress in just a short amount of time.

From the blog of the National Association of Railroad Passengers:

Biden Puts the Spotlight on Amtrak

If Obama is elected will it be good news for Amtrak because Biden rides Amtrak?

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