Sunday, August 03, 2008

Creative Financing in Utah County

Looking down main street in Park City, Utah, USAImage via Wikipedia Roads get first dib, rail coming fast

Looks like UTA and Utah County are doing some creative financing so Utah County can build more roads.

What needs to be taken into consideration when doing this creative financing is that the voters approved this money primarily for the funding of Front Runner south and transit projects in the Utah County area.

Looking at this carefully, maybe some more requirements should be put on this money such as any roads that are built with this money have to be pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

Also from Park City is talk about Affordable Housing. Park City is having the same problem that has faced many of the famous ski cities such as Aspen and Jackson Hole.

Affordable housing elusive in Park City

Town striving not to be just for rich 2nd-home owners
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