Friday, August 08, 2008

U of U narrowing options for Stadium TRAX TOD

Commercial Street, Bangalore.Image via WikipediaHere is a new article that has come out about the proposed development between the Stadium TRAX station and the stadium itself.

U. to identify finalists for commercial development on campus

Of course any development in an existing area brings out the NIMBY's. One of the most insincere arguments is that it will bring "vagrants".

The more real argument is that it could harm independently owned small businesses like those along 200 South. Without incentives small business owners will not be able to afford the rents at this complex. Ironically, some chain stores will get sweetheart deals that practically gives them free rent.

The University needs to be a good partner in the community and insure that smaller business have opportunities when developing their TOD plans. The developer will most likely want only chain stores in the complex so it will up to the University to insure that small businesses are taken care of.

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