Monday, August 18, 2008

Perils for Pedestrian Video

Here is another one of the Perils for Pedestrian Videos.

This was the 12th episode of the series (there is more hundreds).

The third segment talks about problems with people in crosswalks and with cars stopping for them. The person mentions that sometimes one car will stop and others will go around them. A family we know in Spokane the mother and her children were crossing in crosswalk on a two lane road. The cars stopped in both directions. A driver went around the stopped cars and hit them. Because the driver was elderly she was not prosecuted despite making an illegal passing maneuver.

Every time one of these incidents happen in Spokane there is some Paramedic that always writes a letter to the editor statement that the solution would be to eliminate pedestrian rights. Then he mentions cities such as Jacksonville, Florida as shining examples of cities were pedestrians don't have right of way. Jacksonville, Florida is not exactly a city I would hope up as an example of a livable city. Besides the issue automobiles not obeying the laws.

The fourth section of the video talks about about the abuse of handicap parking permits.

The fifth section is another one I really like. It talks about how little things like painting lines in the proper places can make a big difference for pedestrians.

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