Thursday, August 07, 2008

Article from the Salt Lake Tribune

1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee photographed in USA.Image via WikipediaFalling gas prices may fuel old habits

Will transit ridership go back down just because gasoline goes down to $3.50 a gallon or so for a few months? Apparently the Tribune feels that will happen because people are too comfortable driving their SUV's and trucks.

While I can see some people not being as anxious to sell their vehicles now since many of them would take losses, higher gas prices are hear to see so it will be interesting to see what the long term trends will be.

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theorris said...

I don't know that $3.50 a gallon is cheap. I started seeing a mass of new riders in the system when gas was going at 3 bucks a gallon. We'll see.

I also rode the FrontRunner to Ogden as a tourist today. It was empty, but that is to be expected when I rode it and the direction I was going--both ways.

theorris said...

Oh and I documented the experience live, given that FR has wifi and handy plugs to help us folks with wonky batteries.