Thursday, August 07, 2008

TSA at Front Runner Stations...

Transportation Security Administration, an age...Image via WikipediaTSA beefs up visual presence along FrontRunner line

Yesterday the TSA made a big show by sending many agents to two Front Runner stations.

This actually brings up one of the my pet peeves. It seems like when there is a major event like the Democratic Convention in Denver or the Olympics rail transit is always forced to shut down because it may be a terrorist threat yet private automobiles and buses are still allowed to transport people to the sight.

So what is wrong with that? After all they are just trying to protect people from terrorist right? Isn't rail vehicles more dangerous than private vehicles?

While the London and Madrid attacks were tragic, they are still in the minority. Actually if you look at the statistics, more than 3/4 of all terrorist attacks use motor vehicles and rail transit is far down the list. Isn't ironic despite these statistics, you never hear about automobile use being curtailed because of terrorist threats?

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fpteditors said...

The auto itself is worse than terrorism.

JMD said...

It boggles the mind when you think about it. Every three weeks more people die in this country in automobile accidents than died on September 11th yet it doesn't phase people.