Thursday, August 14, 2008

Articles ...

Here are some articles from today's newspapers:

Work on Station Park gets under way

Work on the Station Park project is getting underway in Farmington at the Front Runner Station. I have previously talked about this project and my feelings on the project.

UVU may sell land for $3.6 million

UVU may sell land to UTA for a Front Runner Station along the UP mainline across the freeway from the University. A pedestrian bridge will link the campus and the Front Runner Station. While not the ideal situation, it is the probably the best that could be worked out.

UTA eyes route cuts if sales taxes remain flat

Another blow for riders will be possible service cuts. Of course this once again will give people the opportunity to beat their chest and demand that John Inglish loose when the problem lies that their primary funding source is the sales tax which is very cyclical.
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