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UTA Press Release about Provo and 3900 South

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Couple of points.

The announcement about Provo mentions that it will be a multi-model depot but I see nothing about integrating the facility with the Amtrak station which is actually located on the far side of Freedom Blvd from the new Front Runner station.

Hopefully the new TOD at the 3900 South will be true TOD and not just TAD. Hopefully it will also integrate with the growing new community in the area.

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Date: July 9, 2010 Press Release

UTA Awarded $5.4 Million In Federal Grants

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff announced Thursday that Utah will receive two grants for $5.4 million under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Livability Initiative.

The Utah Transit Authority was awarded the two grants through the Federal Transit Administration’s competitive Bus and Bus Facilities grant program, which makes federal funds available to public transit providers to construct bus-related facilities. The grants include $5 million for the Provo Intermodal Center and $400,000 for the 3900 South Meadowbrook TRAX station.

“These competitive grants support our communities’ vision for increased access to public transit,” UTA General Manager Mike Allegra said. “By awarding these grants, Secretary LaHood and Administrator Rogoff recognize our efforts in building a strong transit system that will soon connect Provo to Salt Lake and beyond.”

The Provo Intermodal Center, located between Freedom Boulevard and University Avenue at approximately 700 South in Provo, will be a major new multi-modal transit hub. It will include 850 parking stalls, a 12-bay bus transfer terminal, and a connection for the future Provo-Orem bus rapid transit line. It is expected to open concurrently with the FrontRunner Salt Lake City to Provo line in 2014. In the future, the facility is planned to include bicycle facilities and other transit-oriented development.

Regarding the Provo grant, the office of Rep. Jason Chaffetz released the following statement, "FTA's announcement is great news for Provo and Utah County. An intermodal center in the heart of Provo has many advantages. Residents will appreciate one-stop, quick and easy access to commuter rail, bus, and other transportation options. This project will play an important role in addressing the needs of an ever more upwardly mobile workforce and community."

The $400,000 grant will go toward converting the 3900 South Meadowbrook TRAX station in South Salt Lake from a park-and-ride stop to a transit-oriented development. The grant money will be used to replace existing surface parking with a new parking deck and reconfiguring the bus loop.

These infrastructure changes will allow redevelopment of the remainder of the block. Proposed new structures include a 60,000 square foot office/educational building, 7,000 square feet of retail and an 88 unit apartment building.

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