Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Transit Related Articles

Salt Lake County Council, mayors approve funding for transit

County may alter transit priorities

Commuter rail and TRAX in, roads mostly out

A new round today in transit tax debate

The first two articles are from the Deseret News and the other two are from the Salt Lake Tribune. I recommend looking at the second Deseret News article (which list the top projects) before reading the Trib and see if you think their headline is accurate.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Transit Related Article

Transit funding held up

Well it looks like everyone's biggest fear about the vote on the transporatation tax is coming true. I think it is pretty clear that when the voters went into the voting booth they where voting to expand the TRAX system and improve transportation in Salt Lake County.

However, I am sure many of them like me had the nagging little twitch in the back of their heads that said "can we trust our legislators to do what is best"? Many people have distrust of our state legislators because they have proven over and over again that they are controlled by special interest (especially big business), self serving, and only care about what is in it for them.

I love the comments from the big windbag Greg Curtis accusing the Salt Lake County council of playing politics. After all, he knows what the voters voted for but all he cares about is that soccor stadium so the voters be damned.

The voters wanted TRAX. TRAX is needed. Lets get the ball rolling and stop crap.