Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daily Herald Editorial Aritcle

Northbound I-15 makes a steep descent from  th...Image via Wikipedia Critics say FrontRunner cost outweighs benefit

Well it looks like a certain anti-transit guy has crawled out from under the rock he has been under for awhile.

Of course his like usually use gross generalizations to try to make his point. Of course he mentions all trips along Interstate 15 but that includes both private and commercial vehicles plus vehicles traveling through the area.

What they don't say and never will is the percentage of traffic that rail is capturing in the corridor it specifically runs.

Also the highways are already an large integrated network, that rail has yet to achieve.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blog Postings from this week...

LTD's Eugene Station.Image via Wikipedia From the Mobilizing the Region comes:

Congestion Pricing’s World Tour

Talking about cities around the world that are using congestion pricing. The New York Legislature killed congestion pricing for New York City but other cities are using it or proposing it.

From the Light Rail Photos Blog comes:

Eugene BRT

Photos of the BRT line in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene has been used as an example of a successful BRT system (even though it only recently started-it was successful a year before it was running!!). Little hard to compare the new service to existing bus service when the regular bus service required fare payment but the BRT line is Fare Free.

From Steve Munro's Blog out of Toronto:

The Psychology of Free Parking

Steve makes some good points on the arguments people make for having free parking at the park N ride lots. What would be the result if UTA started charging at TRAX stations or the Park N Ride Lots?

From the Transit Miami Blog:

Alvarez Proposes Cutting Bus Routes

In 2002 Miami voted to increase taxes to get an increase in transit service and two extensions of their Metro Rail System. Now bus service is proposed to be cut and there has been little to no progress on the extensions of MetroRail. Compare that to our area where we have seen some great progress in just a short amount of time.

From the blog of the National Association of Railroad Passengers:

Biden Puts the Spotlight on Amtrak

If Obama is elected will it be good news for Amtrak because Biden rides Amtrak?

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Friday, August 29, 2008

West Valley Construction Update

UTA TRAX Sandy train at the Gallivan Plaza sto...Image via Wikipedia

Construction progress continues on the West Valley TRAX Line. To keep business and traffic impacts to a minimum, this 5-mile project has been separated into seven construction “reaches,” or segments, for management and planning purposes. The map below shows each construction reach in a different color, starting with Reach 1 in light green on the south end of the project and ending with Reach 7 in dark green on the north end.

Currently, construction is taking place in all reaches.

A description of what is happening in each area is listed below. If you need further construction information, please call our toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854.

Reach 1

Reach Description: Reach 1 is the area along Constitution Boulevard (2700 South) from West Valley City Hall at 3600 South, extending north to 3100 South. This area includes both large and small businesses, as well as many residents. Access to all business and residences will be maintained throughout construction.

Construction Activity: Preliminary construction continues as third party utility relocations are

taking place on Constitution Boulevard in preparation for the beginning of TRAX construction.

Traffic Impacts: Current impacts to motorists should be minimal at this time; however, there will be minor lane restrictions as other utility companies work along Constitution Boulevard. As construction proceeds, we will personally visit with residents and businesses in this area to keep them informed.

Reach 2

Reach Description: Reach 2 is the area along 3100 South from Constitution Boulevard to Decker Lake Drive. The E Center and a few other businesses are located in this reach, as well as residents on either side of 3100 South. Access will be maintained throughout construction in this reach and we will work with The E Center to coordinate our efforts so you can continue to visit the great events they have to offer. When TRAX is completed along 3100 South, it will operate on the south side of the roadway.

Construction Activity: Off-road construction continues to take place along the south side of 3100 South just east of Constitution Boulevard. Crews have torn down seven homes along the south side of 3100 South to make room for TRAX construction. Currently third party utility companies are working in this area.

TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Current impacts to motorists should be minimal in this reach because the majority of work takes place along the south side of 3100 South

Reach 3

Reach Description: Reach 3 is the area along Decker Lake Drive from 3100 South to 2770 South and on 2770 South running east to Redwood Road. This area includes many commercial office buildings with thousands of employees who access this area on a daily basis. We will continually work with these businesses to ensure access is provided at all times.

Construction Activity: TRAX construction continues to take place on Decker Lake Drive.

Crews in this area continue to install sewer lines and other utilities on the west side of Decker Lake Drive. As crews complete the preliminary utility work on the west side of the street, they will then switch to the east side of the street. It is anticipated that crews will switch from the west to the east side of Decker Lake Drive by mid-September. Utility work along Decker Lake Drive is anticipated to take place throughout the next several months.

Crews have also started to expose utilities along Research Way located at 2770 South just west of Redwood Road. Access is being maintained and impacts along Research Way should be minimal at this time.

Traffic Impacts: One lane of traffic is operational in each direction on the west side of Decker Lake Drive and access to businesses is maintained. On August 28 and September 4 and 5 nighttime construction work will take place along Decker Lake Drive between Research Way (2270 S.) and 3100 S. between the hours of 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Please be mindful of workers in this area and obey posted speed limits. Currently, all lanes of traffic are operational on Research Way at 2770 South.

Reach 4

Reach Description: Reach 4 runs through the Chesterfield residential area along 2770 South and proceeds along the Decker Lake Canal and the Crosstowne Trail. We will work with residents in this area to ensure a safe working environment that provides access to their properties throughout construction.

Construction Activity: The majority of construction taking place on the West Valley Line is currently taking place in this area. Construction in this reach is on the east side of Redwood Road as crews continue to clear the way for TRAX on the north side of the Brighton and Decker Lake Canals and the Jordan River. Currently, crews have created a corridor for TRAX that extends into Reach 5 and connects to the industrial area along 1070 West.

Construction also continues east of Redwood Road at 2770 South along the Crosstowne Trail. Crews have exposed an underground box culvert that runs below the trail at 2770 South from Redwood Road to the Decker Lake Canal. Crews have reinforced this culvert with extra concrete to accommodate the added weight of light rail operating on top

Traffic Impacts: Motorists should be aware that Lester Street is temporarily closed at approximately 2770 South and the Crosstowne Trail. It is anticipated to open near the end of August.

The Crosstowne Trail along 2770 South just east of Redwood Road to the Brighton Canal is currently closed. Once TRAX construction is completed, the trail will once again be operational in this area.

Reach 5

Reach Description: Reach 5 will include construction along 1070 West in the Chesterfield industrial area. This reach will include one bridge structure over the Jordan River and another over 900 West.

Construction Activity: Crews have started preliminary construction in this reach along 1070 West. They are currently “potholing” or exposing utilities in this area to determine their exact locations under the street.

Crews have created a corridor for TRAX that extends from Reach 4 to connect with 1070 West in this reach.

Traffic Impacts: Currently, any impacts to motorists should be minimal in this construction reach.

Reach 6

Reach Description: Reach 6 runs through the Union Pacific Railroad’s Roper Yard area. Although there are no businesses and residents in this reach, extensive coordination will take place with the Union Pacific Railroad to ensure that freight deliveries and other train travel will be maintained. Reach 6 will include an extensive bridging system that will enable TRAX to operate above ground, over other train traffic in this area.

Construction Activity: Construction crews continue to pothole and install utilities in this reach.

Traffic Impacts: Not applicable. This is a Union Pacific Railroad work area.

Reach 7

Reach Description: Reach 7 is the area where the West Valley Line will connect with the current North/South TRAX Line. Construction in this reach will take place along Andy Avenue in South Salt Lake. Crews will closely coordinate activities with businesses in this reach to ensure access is maintained at all times.

Construction Activity: Crews have removed the old track along Andy Avenue and have started potholing for utilities in this area. We will continue to update businesses along 600 West regarding construction in this area.

Traffic Impacts: Impacts to motorists should be minimal at this time.

Reach 1 – Third party utility relocations are taking place on Constitution Boulevard prior to TRAX construction.

Reach 3 - Crews continue to install sewer and utility lines along the west side of Decker Lake

Drive. Access is being maintained in this area.

Reach 4- Crews have started concrete reinforcements beginning at Redwood Road and are heading East on the Crosstowne Trail. The Crosstowne Trail is currently closed in this reach but will once again open when TRAX begins operations.

Reach 6- Crews Continue to pothole and install utilities in this area extending through South Salt Lake.

General Information

Access during Construction

UTA is committed to maintaining 24-hour access to all of the businesses and residences along the construction corridor. We will coordinate with businesses in cases where temporary access might be required.

Construction Hours

Construction on the project is permitted to take place between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Additionally, specific activities may require different working hours depending upon the conditions and will be coordinated with city officials.

Construction Tours

If you are interested in learning more about the construction project, please call our toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854.

For More Information

Timely and helpful information is available to assist business and residential communities as well as commuters and stakeholders.

If you have further questions not answered by this report or any comments regarding the project, please contact toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854 or e-mail or You can also visit UTA’s Web site at

Please note that construction information provided is subject to change.

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Labor Day Schedule

Just a reminder that UTA will run Sunday schedules on Labor Day.

TRAX and buses run their Sunday schedules while Front Runner does not run.

BYU Football Shuttle

For those who are interested in the BYU Football shuttles, here is the information from UTA.

Following is a list of BYU home games, times they begin and the price that will be charged to ride the BYU Football Shuttle from the two locations in Utah County.

Pick up locations will be: University Mall parking lot, west of the Timpanogos Transit Center

Provo Towne Mall parking lot, east of J.C. Penney at the UTA Bus stop

Time: Busses will begin service 1.5 hours prior to game time



Game Time

Busses begin running



Aug 30

Northern Iowa



$4.00 round trip

Saturday September 13



12:00pm Noon

$4.00 round trip

Saturday September 20




$4.00 round trip


October 11

New Mexico



$4.50 round trip

Increase due to fuel surcharge


October 25



12:00pm Noon


$4.50 round trip

Increase due to fuel surcharge


November 08

San Diego State

12:00pm Noon


$4.50 round trip

Increase due to fuel surcharge

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A transit friendly development...

Rua XV de Novembro, Curitiba, Brasil. Também c...Image via Wikipedia Previously, I have discussed how we can take currently auto centric areas that are not working such as 4500 South and State Street and turn them into a more pedestrian and transit friendly area. Not only would this make the area more pleasing but it would also help boost bus ridership giving people the opportunity to live near the transit lines.

Now, I want to take a little closer look at this proposal using this same area. There is already construction on TOD near the Murray North TRAX station so lets walk across the street and see what we can do.

Since the new Deseret Industries building has already been built and is pretty auto centric, we will look at the couple of blocks north of 4500 South.

First of all you would need to rebuild a few blocks of Main Street that are not very pedestrian friendly. With the construction of the new developments by the TRAX station, this will increase the need for a more pedestrian friendly environment.

Then you will need to design the housing. If you look at the successful old cities compared to what we have now with suburban cookie cutter developments, you will notice that there is a range of prices. This has worked well in Daybreak were there is everything from Condos all the way up to expensive homes all located in the same area. In other words there is no economic segregation that creates walls between people.

I have also discussed the need to have affordable units so that people who need transit can access it easily. As part of having affordable housing is the need for work/live units. While these are going to be part of the Cottonwood Mall development, these of course will out of the price range we are talking about. As I have mentioned many times when new developments are built smaller locally owned businesses are usually the first to get the boot. By building affordable work/live units, this will give people new opportunities to have their own businesses and control their own destinies.

Finally you also need to have retail shops such as markets so that people living in the complex can walk to shopping. Like the housing, these should have affordable units so that locally owned businesses can afford them and develop their own businesses.

Once again there is many spots were this type of development could work such as along Redwood Road all the way from Interstate 80 to SLCC, the area around 900 East/4500 South, and many others.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mid Jordan TRAX line construction update

Light railImage via Wikipedia

Mid-Jordan Light Rail TRAX Construction Update: August 27, 2008*

Please forward this information on to others that would be interested.

*This schedule is subject to change due to weather, materials issues, or unanticipated utility conflicts.

Sugar Factory Area

Activity: Construction of sound wall along right-of-way rail corridor between 2700 West and 3200 West will begin on September 2 and will continue through the end of the month.

Activity: Utility work is currently ongoing. Traffic Impacts: Shoulder work with possible lane restrictions.

Old Bingham Area

Activity: Utility work is currently ongoing. Traffic Impacts: Shoulder work with possible lane restrictions.

Gardner Village Area

Activity: Access to Gardner Village from the Jordan River Parkway Trail is closed until August 2009.

Activity: The Jordan River Parkway Trail will be detoured near approximately 7500 South beginning in early September. More details regarding specific impacts will follow in a separate email update.

Activity: Construction on retaining walls at 7800 South near Gardner Village began on June 30th and will continue for approximately 2 months. Traffic Impacts: There will be a designated truck turning lane on the north side of 7800 South accessing the Gardner Village property. Flagging operations will be in place as trucks enter and exit the roadway. To accommodate this construction, the following closures will be in place:

· The eastbound lane on the south side of 7800 South will be closed as necessary starting on August 6th

· The westbound lane on the north side of 7800 South will be closed with flagging operations through September 5th

Activity: Grading and utility work is currently ongoing. Traffic Impacts: Shoulder closures with possible lane restrictions.

Cottonwood Area

Activity: Utility work will continue in the Cottonwood Street area through the month of August. Traffic Impacts: Possible lane restrictions.

Activity: Construction on Cottonwood Street will begin on September 2nd and will continue through mid-November. Traffic Impacts: Lane restrictions and closures as follows:

· Northbound travel on Cottonwood Street will be closed between Winchester Street and 6500 South for the duration of construction. Southbound travel will remain open and traffic will be shifted to the east side of the roadway while crews reconstruct the west side. Once construction on the west side is complete, traffic will be switched to the west side of the roadway to allow crews to reconstruct the east side.

· Cottonwood Street will accommodate southbound traffic only between Winchester Street and 6500 South. Please use 700 West or State Street as detour routes. Detour signs will be posted.

Activity: Utility work will take place at the intersection of 300 West and Winchester Street from 6 a.m. September 9th through 5 a.m.

September 11th. Traffic Impacts: The intersection will be closed during this time. Please follow detour routes as posted.

Activity: Construction on 300 West will begin on September 2nd and continue through November 2008. Traffic Impacts: 300 West will be closed to all traffic from 6300 South to Winchester Street, and closed to through traffic at 6100 South. Local business access will be available on 300 West between 6100 South and 6300 South.

If you have any question or concerns regarding the project, please let me know.

Sarah Loughlin

Community Involvement Specialist

Utah Transit Authority


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