Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Some ideas to reuse developments

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Here is a video that I found on the L.A. Creek Freak Website.

While the gas prices mentioned in this video may currently lower than they were back then, but the video does have some great information on how to revitalize our suburban communities into more walkable transit friendly areas.

Part of the video also mentions on how shopping centers in several areas including malls have been reused and redesign to make them more people friendly.

Think about the Dolan Legacy shopping center on the northeast corner of 700 East and 9400 South. While the center only has passable transit service, this area could be redesigned into a more welcoming mixed use development with just some creative thinking.

Another great point made in the video that I have mentioned in the past is the importance of having a mixture of housing price ranges in a development.

One of the problems with existing developments including affordable housing is that it segregates people into different areas which of course leads to the "those kind of people attitudes".

The final part of the video also talks about re-greening areas. Here in Salt Lake there has been talk about restoring City Creek through the downtown area (not counting the fake creek at the City Creek shopping Center).

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