Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Clearfield Front Runner Station

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Clearfield to reveal alternate plan to UTA

For those of you that had the pleasure of spending time at the Clearfield Front Runner station, you should ride on the UTA bus routes that services the station. You will enter a large swath of parking lot. Do a couple of tight maneuvers and arriving at the station with very little to attract people to.

UTA proposes to change this and make it a vibrant new transit oriented development. However, some in Clearfield apparently are worried that too many new residents would come and their little city will be overwhelmed. Therefore they are coming up with their own development plan that will most likely do nothing to enhance the area around the station and basically create another poorly designed suburban development.

In fact, Clearfield should be looking forward to having some life shot into it. If you ride the 470 along State street what you will see on both sides of the street is a town that is dying. It seems that the city council of Clearfield has their heads in the sands about the future of their community.

Sorry, I don't have much faith in what the Clearfield city council will come up with.

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cptreft said...

(My Opinion) Clearfield's Government is owned by a Greedy Old Miser who will not let anything be developed in that city unless it lined his pocket. If there is no money in it for him then he would let it rot till it became useless. This is why you see towns like Layton, Syracuse, and Clinton Exploding, and poor Clearfield is just rotting from the inside out because no one wants to build the likes of Business-Residential programs like the one proposed by the UTA. I bet the Clearfield proposal will be a new bus barn with a few small shops that would not generate any revenue for the city.

lost_in_woods said...

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