Thursday, January 08, 2009

Murray to Taylorsville Transit?

East side of South City Campus, Salt Lake Comm...Image via WikipediaTaylorsville, Murray look at mass-transit options

Here is a perfect corridor for a rapid streetcar. It would cost less than putting in full blow LRT but would also do more than BRT.

In fact it would not only be natural to run this line from the West Valley Transit Center to SLCC to the Murray Central TRAX/Front Runner station which would also serve IHC (better known as the Death Star to many) and then continue it down State to Fashion Place Mall and over to the Fort Union Area.

The Eugene BRT was impressive, and such a system for a Taylorsville-Murray line is under consideration, Chesnut said.

This comment is almost laughable. In what way was it impressive? The fact that it has higher ridership than the bus route it replaced (of course when mentioning this few say that the old bus line charged fares and the BRT is free..).

Once again we see the same BS about BRT being cheaper when it is not if you compare equal systems. Plus the fact that rail is more efficient at handling the passengers than BRT. Hopefully once the new President takes office this BS will stop being so common.

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