Sunday, January 04, 2009

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Phoenix Light Rail Grand Opening CelebrationImage by phxwebguy via FlickrFrom the California High Speed Rail Blog:

No Policy Change in the Stimulus?

Once again Obama seems to talk a lot about roads but never mentions transit. Maybe the change President is not going to be one.

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Talks about what will happen when a earthquake hits the high speed rail line. Also good information about the destruction to all transportation infrastructure which is something we need to keep in mind when our "big one" hits.

From The Overhead Wire:

Likely Unlikely Ally

It is nice to see the steel industry is supporting the call for new rail. While some may say that is natural because rails are made of steel, just consider the amount of steel that goes into the foundations of highways.

From the Light Rail AZ Blog:

Metro light rail - Growing pains in early days

The Phoenix light rail system seems to be doing pretty good despite the usual teething problems that you find on any new system.

From the Jacksonville Transit Blog:


Apparently the mayor of Jacksonville wants to steal money appropriated by the VOTERS for transit and spend it instead on highways.

From the Intermodality Blog: .

Rapid streetcar

Rapid Streetcar is slotted between regular streetcars and full blown light rail. Instead of BRT, rapid streetcar makes much more sense as shown in the article.

From the Cap'n Transit Blog:

Don't Give Rail Infrastructure to Buses

Some common sense from the other side of the country.

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