Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blog Entries of Note...

Map of a mid-Salt Lake county section of the J...Image via WikipediaFrom a local blog called Argyleist:

Considering Urban Trails

Author talks about urban trails and connecting them up with our growing rail transit system in the Salt Lake Valley. Once the Mid Jordan line is done you will be able to jump off at the Gardner Village station and use the Jordan River Parkway.

From the Daybreak Blog:

Mid Jordan TRAX Now Funded

The Federal Government has come through with funding for the Mid Jordan TRAX line to Daybreak. It is very unusual for a rail project these days to get 80% funding so this is really good news and shows how well UTA does despite what some would have you believe.

From the Stephen Rees blog:

Warning sounded over Olympic bus plan

Looks like some in Vancouver, BC are worried about how well they are going to handle Olympic related traffic problems and there is plenty of comparisons to Salt Lake City.

From the Bike Utah Valley blog:

Winter Riding

Yes you can ride your bike in winter and Bike Utah Valley tells you some of joys of winter riding.

From the Mobilizing The Region Blog:

Success of NYC Rapid Bus Line Underscores Need for Camera Enforcement Law

The New York BRT line is scoring a 10% increase in ridership (small compared to our light rail line in Utah). However, BRT depends on bus only lanes and it takes enforcement to keep the lanes clear. This could also become an issue here in Salt Lake once the transit lanes open along 3500 South.

From the Transit Sleuth Blog:

Transit Exploration

Adron explores the suburbs of Portland and tries to answer the question: is there life out there?

From the Overhead Wire blog:

Where's the Housing Action?

While development in the Charlotte, North Carolina area has slowed, there is one area that is seeing new construction: along the newly opened light rail line from Uptown Charlotte to the south side.

When Chickens and Eggs = Omelettes

I already discussed the report about Foothill when the article came out but here is more talk about the proposal for the reversible lanes.

Greedy DOTs Just Following Orders?

Most of the requested stimulus funds will go to highways not to transit and here may be the reason why.

Restructuring Property Tax to Land Alone

Is it time to change the way property tax is assessed to encourage its use and not parking lots?

From Streetsblog LA:

Measure R Highway Funds Ready to Roll. Transit Funds? Not So Much.

While there are certain people who love to moan in our area, take a look at what is happening in Los Angeles and be glad of the progress being made here. Voter in Los Angeles overwhelmingly approved new transit funding but so far most of it is going to highways and transit is seeing very little. They will still be doing studies in Los Angeles and we will be moving beyond our current projects.

Portland’s Safe Streets: How Do They Do It?

Portland despite its large bicycling communty had no fatalities last year. Can Utah improve its bicycling (and pedestrian) safety record?

From the Seattle Transit Blog:

Embarcadero Freeway = Alaskan Way Viaduct

As the Seattle area continues to decide what the future of the crumbling Alaskan Way Viaduct should be, some look to the City of San Francisco for inspiration. You have to love the before and after pictures from San Francisco.

Sound Transit Stimulus Request

Sound Transit is making a request of lawmakers for its own stimulus package which includes several transit projects.

From the Intermodality Blog:

Streetcars for Houston?

A look at possible streetcar routes for the city of Houston in addition to thier commuter rail and light rail extensions.

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