Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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{{w|Ray LaHood}}, member of the United States ...Image via WikipediaFrom Streetsblog San Francisco:

Bike, Ped Improvements Part of Portland’s Stimulus Plan

Many places are being criticized because their stimulus plans is too highway oriented but Portland is looking to finance bike and pedestrian improvements.

Obama Nominee Ray LaHood Appropriated Big Money to Road Lobby

Obama's nominee of LaHood has been criticized across the board and will most likely be the most dividing nominee of the Obama administration.

From the Daybreak Blog:

Daybreak's New Community

Daybreak is creating a community that is for the over 50 crowd. However, it will not be an exclusive area, just one that has the features that the over 50 crowd is looking for. With this part of the population getting bigger and needing more pedestrian friendly environments, it is nice to see Daybreak comeing to the table.

From the Bike Utah Valley Blog:

Why we Build Roads Instead of Transit

Some common sense from Brad down in Utah County.

From the Denver Infill Blog:

#7: Downtown Streetcars!

People in Denver like many other cities across the country are starting to consider streetcars as an alternative to buses.

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

The Latest Stimulus News from D.C.

The blog shows the breakdown of where the money for transit will go as apposed to the money that will allocated for highway projects.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

"A Revolution In Travel Habits"

Spain is seeing big changes in riding habits since the opening of the new high speed rail line between Madrid and Barcelona.

From the Amtrak Tracking for my Commute Blog:

2nd Hudson Rail Tunnel Clears Key Federal Hurdle

New Jersey Transit is getting closer to building the new tunnels under the Hudson that will connect the Northeast corridor to New York City. While on the face of it this is a project that will give badly needed capacity, it is also a project that shows the typical transit menatily blinders that keep from seeing the bigger picture. The new project will not connect up with other regional carriers and not improve transportation throughout the region.

From Streetsblog:

Streetfilms: Sharing Street Space in Paris

How Paris drivers share the road with bicycles.

From the Cap'N Transit Rides Again Blog:

The Failing Railbanks

Railbanking seemed like such a good idea. Take a rail line that is not currently being used by may be needed in the future then rail bank it as a trail for the time being then reactivate the rail line when needed. However, the trail advocates want the trail to themselves and fight to keep rail lines from being reactivated.

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