Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog Entries of Note...

Eurostar and Thalys PBA TGVs side-by-side in t...Image via WikipediaFrom the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

Region’s Monumental Interest in TOD Reflected in Panel, Grant Program

Shows some of the progress being made in the New York region when it comes to transit oriented developments.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

John Kerry Introduces HSR Bill

Talks about the high speed rail bill that has been introduced by John Kerry. Once again while high speed rail is great for states like California, here in the mountain west we need a more effective long distance network.

BART to San Jose Lives?

Looks like voters in San Jose have approved a measure to increase sales taxes to help pay for the BART extension to San Jose. This one look like it was going down to defeat but now is passing by a slim margin (one thing to note is that it needs 2/3rds to pass so a majority DO want it).

From the Transit Sleuth Blog comes:

Trucking is Headed for Trouble

Adron makes some good points about the current conditions when it comes to interstate freight travel by rail and highway.

From the Overhead Wire Blog:

Too Easy to Build Roads

The Overhead Wire makes comments about the Feds approving the Mountain View Corridor on the west side.

Not a Train, Never Will Be

BRT is not like light rail, never will be.

From Streetsblog LA comes:

Report: Good Transit and Good Jobs Go Hand in Hand

San Francisco Moves Forward With Congestion-Busting Parking Reform

James Rojas on a Future Without Cars

From the RT Rider comes:

Riding on the edge

From the Orphan Road Blog:

Portland Development Commission RFI

From the National Association of Railroad Passengers Blog:

The Changing Transportation Construction Market

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