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Ski Bus Changes for this year.

Solitude's lower terrainImage via WikipediaUTA is making some major changes to the ski bus service this year.

2008-2009 Ski Bus Changes

The 2009-2009 winter season marks some very important changes to the UTA Ski bus service. These changes allow UTA to provide more capacity to the resorts during peak ski service times, provide direct buses to Snowbird and Alta, service the University of Utah and extend the local service of route 220 to the 9400 South Park ‘n’ Ride lot and route 72 to the 6200 South and Wasatch Blvd Park ‘n’ Ride lot.

UTA has also collaborated with UDOT on installing new parking information signs at the Wasatch Blvd, Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood canyon Park ‘n’ Ride lots. These electronic signs show the available stalls at each lots. This information is also available in real time on the UTA website.

The ski service has been divided into 4 main groups:

Canyon Shuttle Service

Feeder Service

Worker Service

Local Service

Canyon Shuttle Service

Route 972 to Alta (services Cliff Lodge) from 9400 S PnR

Route 982 to Snowbird from 9400 S PnR

Route 993 to Snowbird and Alta from 6200 PnR (resort to resort transportation)

Route 961 to Solitude and Brighton from 6200 S PnR

The Canyon Shuttle Service will utilize the Park ‘n’ Ride lots at 6200 South Wasatch and as the Ski Service Hubs. These lots have more parking capacity than those at the mouths of the Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. Originating the Canyon Shuttle Service from the Park ‘n’ Ride lots to the resorts allows UTA to provide more rider capacity during peak travel times utilizing fewer buses. Although this change adds capacity, it also forces riders to make a transfer at the Park ‘n’ Ride lots if their trip does not begin at the lot.

Feeder Service

Route 952 to 6200 S PnR from DWNTWN via U of U

Route 953 to 6200 S PnR from 3900 S TRAX

Route 955 to 9400 S PnR and 6200 S PnR from 10600 S

The Feeder Service provides access to the ski buses from downtown, 3900 South and 10600 South. These primarily stop at the hotels for guests to use the service. The major change in this service is routing the Downtown bus to 400 South to the University and then along Foothill to the 6200 South Park ‘n’ Ride lot rather than I-15 to 7200 South and up the canyon. This will provide new access to University students.

Worker Service

Route 973 to Alta from 7200 S TRAX

Route 983 to Snowbird from 7200 S TRAX only

Route 991 to Snowbird and Alta from 3900 S TRAX

Route 962 to Solitude and Brighton from 7200 S TRAX

The Worker Service trips run earlier in the morning and later in the evening and cater to resort employees.

Local Service

Route 72 to 6200 S PnR from 7200 S TRAX

Route 220 to 9400 S PnR from Intermodal Hub (Salt Lake Central)

UTA is able extend route 220 into Sandy to the 9400 South 2000 East Park ‘n’ Ride lot and route 72 to the 6200 South Park ‘n’ Ride lot. These changes will be year round. These routes also complement the Feeder service and provide additional access to the Canyon Shuttle Service. They provide ski access to hotels and residences that formally had access to ski buses. These routes are an essential part of the ski service.

EFC (Electronic Fare Collection)

Electronic Fare Collection will continue to be an integral part of the Ski Service. Updated EFC equipment is being installed on the ski bus fleet. Contactless credit and debit cards will be accepted not only on ski service, but fleet wide.

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