Friday, November 21, 2008

Articles from this week

A TRAX train passing the Frank E.Image via WikipediaUDOT puts $3.9B in projects on hold

While I have mentioned this over and over again, I must hammer this home. If a certain group of puppets from a certain so called riders union would have gotten their way and transferred UTA over to UDOT, transit funding would now moved over to highways and that is the goal of the people who run that organization.

Draper offering millions to private developer

Residents leery over UTA plans

UTA bus hits pedestrian in downtown SLC

It is hard enough trying to make areas more pedestrian friendly but then you have people who do stupid things that give all pedestrians a black eye.

Freeway gets green light from the feds

Mountain View freeway gets green light from Feds

Residents' protest stalls FrontRunner

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