Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ogden Mayor takes a junket

Tacoma Link at Tacoma DomeImage by Oran Viriyincy via FlickrOgden's mayor to take European streetcar junket

First off, why does the mayor of Ogden have to travel to Europe to see a streetcar system? I guess a car trip to Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and down to San Francisco would not be exotic enough for him. Same goes for the wireless technology. The cities in Europe that employ the wireless technology only employ it in short stretches in very historic areas.

Maybe the mayor WILL learn that it takes more than a streetcar to build a vibrant pedestrian, transit, and bicycle friendly area. After all, places like Super Wal-Marts next to your downtown do not make for a pedestrian friendly environment.

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did ya see the forehead? said...

My hunch is that Little Matty Godfrey will have a better opportunity to scope out Gondolas in europe.

There are very few of them in the western US.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Could have gone to Portland or Telluride.

It seems silly at times like this to use tax payer money to fly all the way to Europe when you could get a similar experience in any number of cities in the United States. It's not like transit is foreign here. That is unless he is paying for it himself. Then have at it.