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South Florida Regional Transportation Authorit...Image via Wikipedia*From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

The Way Out for Long Island

While many think of New York as a place that is very transit and pedestrian friendly, many of the outlining regions face the same problems that we are facing here in Utah. This entry talks about the problems faced in Long Island including the lack of affordable housing, politicians refusal to fund important transit projects and of course NIMBYism.

New Haven Passes Complete Streets Legislation, Launches Safety Campaign

The city of New Haven, Connecticut has passed complete streets legislation in order to make the city more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

*From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

Next Steps

Now that California voter have approved construction of the high speed rail line, what are the next steps to be taken?

How Useful is High Speed Rail, Really?

A letter to the editor from a Merced, California newspaper rightly mentions how important the connections to high speed rail will be. It will mean that transit agencies who are often self serving and not looking beyond their tunnel vision will need to work with the officials at High Speed Rail to create a complete system.

*From the Denver Transit Stop:

Price appreciation near light rail

Prices of houses within a half mile radius of light rail stations in Denver appreciated at 4% last year while the rest of the housing market in Denver depreciated at a rate of 7.5%.

*From the Transit Sleuth Blog:

Non-Market Funding, What's the Solution?

Adron over at the Transit Sleuth blog has some interesting ideas about how transit and transportation in general is funded.

*From the Transit Miami Blog:

Tri-Rail Switches to Biodiesel

Tri-Rail which is Miami's version of Front Runner, has switched their locomotives from regular diesel to Biodiesel. Miami also has a set of Colorado Railcar DMU's but they will not switch due to warrenty considerations.

Move The UDB For Lennar? Just Say No.

Developer in Miami wants the Urban Development Boundry moved so that it can develop 900 acres near the Everglades for a new "self-contained" development.

Obama’s Potential Secretary of Transportation

One of the potential candidates for DOT secratary is Representative Earl Blumenauer out of Oregon who is a regular speaker at Railvolution, rides a bike every day to the capital and has ben supportive of transit projects.

*From the Trains for America Blog:

Amid declining numbers of flights, Chicago sees more visitors arriving by train

While rail travel numbers are still small, as airlines start haveing to charge higher fares and decrease flights, rail service is becoming a serious alterntive for some travelers.

Private developer builds his own Amtrak station

New Buffalo, Michigan is getting a new train station thanks to a local developer.

*From Streetsblog LA:

Having a Kid Doesn’t Mean Having a Car

Story about Carla Saulter whose Seattle PI newpapers blog is called "Bus Chick". She talks about the benefits of taking her "Chicklet" on transit.

With Election Over, It’s Time To Focus on Federal Transportation Policy

Good comments about what we need to start focusing on.

*From Streetsblog (New York):

City Planning Unveils Bike-Friendly Zoning Regs

The City of New York is working toward changing zoning regulations to help the needs of bicyclists in the city.

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