Friday, July 11, 2008

VICTORY against the NIMBY's!!

The Scott Matheson Courthouse is the seat of t...Image via WikipediaI was preparing to do another Perils for Pedestrians video when I received a Google alert that the State Supreme Court ruled against the NIMBY group in Draper.

Utah Supreme Court rules for TRAX in Draper rail-siting dispute

This is great news for everyone but the NIMBY minority, and now we can have an effective TRAX line through the Draper area.
Next here is another Perils for Pedestrian Video's.

The one thing that caught my attention in this video was making a Dairy Queen in Nebraska more pedestrian friendly. As anyone who tried to get to a fast food restaurant anywhere in the country will now that they are designed for people to arriving and depart by automobile. In most cases the pedestrian be damned. Even in areas that are supposed to be pedestrian friendly fast food places are not very pedestrian friendly.

Of course it is not just fast food places. One of the most pedestrian unfriendly businesses is the post office. Until recently the post office did not have to obey local zoning ordinances so they built their buildings any way they wanted to and they were built supporting the automobile but not pedestrians. When I lived in Sandy I would always used the Midvale Post Office because it was just a couple of doors down from the TRAX station were I would catch my bus after riding TRAX from Historic Sandy. This Post Office has no pedestrian access at all, I had to use part of the main driveway to access the building and almost got hit a couple of times.

The video also has interesting information about what is happening in the Washington DC area and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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theorris said...

What is sad is that the Midvale post office was moved from what they then called Center Street and about Main out to where it is now back in the 80s. The previous post office was like all other buildings before the 60s: right on the sidewalk with a bit of parking out front (at meters.)

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