Saturday, July 26, 2008

Letter to the Editors and an article...

A TRAX train passing the Frank E.Image via WikipediaHere is some letter to the editors and an article from todays newspapers:

UTA offices

The writer must be talking about the new Frontlines offices across the tracks from the Intermodal Hub. I have never been in the offices so I have no idea of what they have done. However, if UTA did use existing facilities they should be applauding for not doing any extensive refurbishing. The building should eventually be replaced by an extension of the Intermodal Hub as the area starts to grow.

MAX gets a C

This is another letter to the editor and talks about the MAX service. The guy gives an A for buses that are state of the art but as I noted there is plenty of issues with these buses and this guy will probably learn they are not that wonderful in the long run.
He also gives the service a bad mark because the light system doesn't always work. On my trip they never worked but I did want to use that against the service since I wasn't sure if it was the actual system, lack of training or the fact that the system isn't 100% operational.
Overall I think this guy gives a fair assessment of the service.

West Valley finds it pays to use Washington lobbyists

West Valley was able obtain more funding for its transit center at the Valley Fair Mall (or is it now going to be The Shops at Valley Center or some name like that?).

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Tammi Diaz said...

We need to start Asking: What is UTA doing to Encourage Motorist to take the Bus, and leave their Vehicles at Home and Help out our Environment?

We also need to Ask:Is our Transit System, Convenient, Frequent and Affordable for all Citizens?


We need to start holding our Elected Officials Accountable. UTA has gotten out of Control.

Our Elected Officials let UTA Destroy the Bus System.

UTA for Salt Lake County Mayor!

JMD said...

Oh please Tammi, please tell us the Transit Riders Union great plan to make all this happen.

You want frequent service, cheap, and convenient service for everyone but then again you don't define everyone.

Once again the problem isn't the transit system it is the auto center development that has happened for the last 70 years. How do the brains of the Transit Riders Union really expect to have convenient service to Suncrest, Harriman and some of these other places?

UTA is destroying the bus service. Yes I would like to have more bus service but it doesn't run on fairy dust, it takes money. I know, the leaders of the BUS riders union have convinced you if you destroy the expansion of TRAX and Front Runner and have UDOT take over UTA bus service overnight explode with new service. While it will actually imploded because all the money will not go to transit service but instead will go to expanding highways.

Tammi Diaz said...

UTA Board of Trustee will not hold High Payed Executives Accountable, The Watch Front Regional Council,the
is make up of Elected Officials, they let UTA Destroy the Bus System. Our Elected Officials need to be held Accountable. Write in UTA for Salt Lake County Mayor.