Sunday, July 27, 2008

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A CAF trainset in downtown SacramentoImage via WikipediaHere is some blog post that some may find of interest. First one is a post from the RT Rider about what is happening in Sacramento the capital of California. The transit agency is facing a major funding problem because the state controls the purse strings and the Govenator whats to transfer the money to road building. This is some of the options that Sacramento RT is looking at:

Making ends meet at Sacramento Regional Transit

Remember there is some misguided people out there that actually want our state legislatures to control transit funds.

Next up is a blog entry from the Orphan Road in Seattle talking about Bus Rapid Transit. In this case is it really cheaper and quicker to build?

Reality Worse Than Imagined

Next up is from the Intermodality Blog which is out of Houston. There is plans to build a new highway but what are the real reasons for it being built?

Where the people aren’t

Sadly the blogger from the Capricious Commuter is no longer blogging but here was one of this final post that was very interesting.

there’s no such thing as free parking

From one of the newest transit related blogs Light Rail Photos come some great photos from the Portland region:

Portland MAX downtown

Portland Eastside MAX

Portland Westside MAX

Portland Interstate MAX

Next comes an article from Transit Miami about how a group of NIMBY's is opposing a bike trail. The author does a great job showing how misplaced fears by NIMBY's can cause heartache for a project.

NIMBYs Fear Bicycle Path

Next from the Overhead wire comes an entry about the Federal Transit Administration and their calculation of numbers:

Cost Effectiveness Disconnect

Finally from Streetsblog Los Angeles comes this story about our federal governments misguided priorities:

$36,000,000,000 for Corn. $0 for Transit

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