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*Top left: Train 6651 pulls into Millburn on t...Image via WikipediaOne problem that many small businesses face is government regulations that are skewed against them and to big businesses and the automobile. One of these is parking regulations that keep small businesses from doing business and also are a deterrent to creating pedestrian friendly areas.

The Salt Lake City Council is now looking toward lower the standards that businesses have to meet when it comes to parking. However, there is homeowners who don't want people parking in front of their homes so they are opposed to the new regulations. While I can understand the people who have had moron's block their driveways, this is a policing issue and should be taken care that way.

Proposed parking revisions a hot topic

Next is a proposal in Sandy to eliminate high restrictions in order to allow a new development north of the South Towne Mall. This new development includes the Broadway Theater that the city leaders think will make them even more special.

What is laughable about the whole thing is that Sandy is calling the area around their city hall "downtown". Clearly the folks running Sandy are having delusions of Grandeur as that area is in not shape or form a downtown.

Maybe they think that calling it downtown will magically create an atmosphere? Clearly it is not a downtown area, but a suburban sprawl autocentric commercial office and retail area, nothing more.

Sandy Council delays height-limit vote

Finally we have an article about UTA buying used coaches from New Jersey Transit to add additional capacity for Front Runner.

While the cars are not ideal, they will provide needed capacity to the commuter rail system. It will cost substantially less to remodel these cars as apposed to buying new ones although they do not seat as many passengers compared to the cars from Bombardier.

The only downside is, they are not stainless steel cars that can last upwards of 50+ years, but if UTA can get 5 or even 10 years worth of use out of them they will pay for themselves and hopefully can get more Bombardier cars at that time.

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