Thursday, July 24, 2008

Articles from the week plus Board Agenda...

Location of Salt Lake City in Salt Lake County...Image via WikipediaFirst of all, here is the agenda for the July 30th Board of Directors meeting of the UTA.

Now some other articles from this week:

Salt Lake City buys property by intermodal hub

Light rail could replace Utah County's future bus rapid transit

-All I will say is that with the cost of putting BRT in the first place, there is little chance that additional money will be spent to convert it in the future. The El Monte Busway and Harbor Freeway Busway in Los Angeles are both "convertable" to rail, but don't hold your breath.

UTA buys building, land in Murray

UTA honors riders with disabilities and operators

County Council's plot twist on zoo issue worthy of Hollywood

(The part concerning transit is near the bottom of the article)
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