Thursday, July 31, 2008

Granite Block in Sugar House

Building construction for several apartment blocksImage via WikipediaPlanners put off decision on Granite Block development

More information about the Granite Block in Sugar HGouse. One of the things I dislike about the project is that it would put a parking garage entrance on 2100 South were many people walk. How many pedestrians have almost been hit by idiot drivers who fly out of those parking garage entrances without looking for pedestrians?

Plus we know that smaller business will not be able to afford this development and we will end up with more generic chain stores. Of course with retailers hurting in the present economy, what are the prospects for all these new retailers to come in?

While this is a Federal problem instead of a local problem, there needs to be something done about how the tax depreciation right off occurs for developments. As I have stated before it encourages new construction that is only designed to last until the depreciation is over with (7 years) then the developer is gone.

Now if the tax right off would encourage reuse of older buildings and longer depreciation schedules that don't encourage the build and run, we would start see better and longer lasting developments.
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