Saturday, July 26, 2008

Perils for Pedestrain video

Looking south on Rail Trail along Pine Creek a...Image via WikipediaHere is another Perils for Pedestrian Video.

First they talk to the head of the Rails To Trails Conservation. While the Rails to Trails sounded like a good idea at one point, the whole point of railbanking was to make the rights of way available to the railroads when they needed them. However, the organization and the trail users have fought every attempt to put rails back down even if a trail was also included. This includes the fight against the badly needed Purple line in Washington DC, the restoration of rail freight service on a line in Washington State, and the NIMBY attitude in Draper.

Another one of the interviews really caught my eye. It is a guy here in Salt Lake City that got rid of his car and uses his bike primarily and public transportation. Unlike many bicycle advocates that blame everything on the automobile (there is plenty of blame there) , this guy admits that bicyclist create problems by not obeying traffic laws. You also never hear this from the die hard bicycles advocates so it is a nice change.

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John Z Wetmore said...

Google Video will stop hosting videos on April 29. To see this video, "Perils For Pedestrians" 110, visit Blip TV at

Thank you.

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John Z Wetmore said...

"Perils For Pedestrians" is no longer on Google or Blip. You can find Episode 110 on YouTube at: