Monday, December 29, 2008

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South Florida Regional Transportation Authorit...Image via WikipediaFrom the Stephen Rees Blog comes:

Citta Slow

How walking, streetcars (trams), and bicycles will play an important roll in the future. We need to change our priorities to build our future.

Economy has builders eyeing a return to rental apartments

Interesting perspective on the rental laws in British Columbia and comparing them to the rather landlord friendly laws here in Utah.

From the Denver Infill Blog comes:

Lessons from Detroit

What lessons can be learned from the problems of Detroit? Detroit is the ultimate example of what happens when the urban core is abandoned in favor of automobile suburbs.

Both sides of my family comes from the Detroit area so I can attest to all the problems that Detroit has and it can be largely contributed to the abandonment of the urban core.

From the Xing Columbus Blog:


Should a building built in a car dependent area be able to get LEED certification? Currently the answer is yes, but should it be?

From the Trains for America Blog:

Seattle Times: A coming rennaisance for intercity rail?

State politicians talking about HSR, but still directing stimulus towards roads

As I have stated before, I will believe we will have change in the philosophy in transportation when I see it happen. Too often there is more talk and little action.

From the Overhead Wire blog:

Prop 13 Hangover

Prop 13 which cut property taxes to existing homeowners has some unintended consequences which is discussed in those post.

Replay 10.16.07: Vienna's Ringstrasse

Great information about how Vienna's multi-modal transportation network is put together in the downtown area.


Who’s Really Footing the Bill for Roads?

From the Seattle Transit Blog:

Colorado Railcar Gone: What is next?

Colorado Railcar who was the only builder of DMU's in the United States that built an FRA compliant self propelled rail vehicle has shut down operations.

Thank God For Walkable Neighborhoods

Especially when you live in Seattle and it gets on of its infrequent snow falls that shut down streets and highways.

From the Light Rail AZ Blog:

A "Grand" Opening, indeed

Yes, another Meca to the automobile has fallen to light rail. Phoenix opened their first light rail line last weekend with an estimated 90,000 people ridding that first day. Now maybe Phoenix can start rebuilding their downtown area and make it more livable.

From the Jacksonville Transit Blog:


While Phoenix gets its light rail system up and running many cities in Florida are still behind the 8 ball.

From the Intermodality Blog:

A new streetcar era?

Explains the difference between streetcars and light rail.

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