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Picture of a Spokane Transit Authority bus.Image via WikipediaFrom Stephen Rees's Blog:

Aston Martin designs Routemaster

OK, here is an idea to get more people on the bus, have them built by a famous auto maker like Aston Martin. After all, many people will never have the opportunity to drive such a unique car but someday the people in London may be able to say that they rode in one. However, don't hold your breath on any getting built as the article says.

Transportation minister expects fast track for Evergreen Line

The Vancouver BC area is looking to add another transit line and it could possibly be Light Rail. The current system is called Advance Light Rail as it is automated and is either above or below ground.

The problem with ALRT just like Monorail which is something Monorailist will never tell you is that it is proprietary technology. If they want to use ALRT there is only one company they can go to: Bombardier. With LRT there is a host of manufacturers to build the cars and you can add different cars (i.e. UTA has cars from both Bombardier and Siemans as does Portland).

From the Denver Infill Blog:

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

The Denver Infill Blog looks at how important Pedestrian traffic is to a neighborhood and looks at some of the projects currently taking place in that city. Incidently, I took a picture in Denver last year and most people think it is from Europe until they look closely. Lots of pedetrian traffic, outdoor restaurants, and a transit mall. However Denver still has more work to do.

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

Running on Empty: Ways to Fix the Highway Trust Fund

The high gas prices earlier in the year severly hurt the highway trust fund as many people found alternatives to driving. That in turn hurt the highway trust fund along with people driving more effiecient vehicles. So how do we solve the delema?

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

The Trouble with LA Union Station (UPDATED)

The blog looks at how the high speed rail line will service downtown Los Angeles. One of the problems I have with their proposals is that it will make tranfering from Amtrak, Metrolink, Metro Light Rail, Heavy Rail, and Buses much more difficult.

Too many times project such as this do not take into consideration people tranferring to and from the service to other carriers and California needs to do it right the first time.

From the Transit Sleuth Blog:

A Few Trains, Nothing Else

Porltand like Seattle is a travel nightmare right now. These cities are just not used to dealing with the amount of snow fall they are getting pounded with in the last week. Even the Spokane Transit Authority in Spokane has canceled most bus service and this never happened in the many years I lived there.

From the Trains for America Blog:

Conservative rail advocate, Paul Weyrich, dies

Paul Weyrich had been a big supporter of transit and rail for many years which put him opposite many of his Republic collegues.

Ray LaHood named Obama’s Transportation Secretary… good for rail?

Many are disappointed by Obama's pick for Secretary of Transportation, but LaHood has been know to support transit projects. It will be interesting to see how he performs his duties.

From Streetsblog LA:

Bush Administration Rejects O.C. Toll Road Plan

This shocked both sides of the argument on this Orange County Toll Road. Nobody expected the Bush Administration to stand in the way of a road being built.

Ray LaHood, Known Unknown

More aobut Ray LaHood the new Secretary of Transportation for President Electo Obama.

From Streetsblog:

In Boulder, They Plow the Bike Paths First

Bike Paths and Sidewalks are basically ignored by most cities when it comes to plowing. In fact, most cities leave local landlords repsonsible for the plowing that often never gets done. I know only small stretches of the sidewalks I travel which are in Holladay and Murray ever get shoveled.

From the RT Rider Blog in Sacramento:

November ridership statistics

John goes over the RT ridership numbers from November. Because of lower gas prices ridership increases are tailing off. However, there is one major thing to note about their ridership: two single light rail lines have more ridership than the entire bus system.

Of course here in Utah TRAX represents 33% of all UTA ridership and once again is only two lines in one county while UTA covers SIX counties.

The Evil Transitator (continued)

The Govenator continues to rob transit for other projects.

From the Intermodality Blog:

Who moved my train?

Many people love to complain about our transit system. Well take a look at Houston to see what can go wrong. Voters approved expansion of thier starter line in 2003 and they still have little to show for it. Meanwhile things are happening here in Salt Lake City.

From the Baltimore Innerspace Blog:


Another excellent piece about taking a blight and turning into a better area. There is also a great point made about how the Hopkins Hospital is being built with giant new parking garages but no infrastructure upgrades in the transportation system to deal with the additional cars.

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