Sunday, December 14, 2008

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Crowd Flow at Caltrain 22nd StreetImage by btobin via FlickrFrom the Daybreak Today Blog:

TRAX in Daybreak - Real Estate Boost?

From the Stephen Rees Blog:

Federal government, Ontario agree on $3.3B auto bailout package

The US isn't the only place were automakers are looking for a bailout. Canada plus the providence of Ontario has agreed to a bailout for the beleaguered automakers.

Funding Transit Elsewhere

Stephen Rees notes that voters in Manchester England voted down congestion pricing while Seattle is still trying to figure out what to do with the infamous viaduct. Many would like a San Francisco type option with the removal of the viaduct with increased transit service but the state constitution forbids highways funds being used to fund transit even if its part of a highway project.

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

In the Bronx, Pedestrians Bring the Business

A local community board charges that the loss of parking for bus service is causing a downturn in business (of course its not the economy!!). However numbers show that the area generates more pedestrians than even the famous London shopping district of Regent Street

Older Pedestrians at Risk in the Region; Gov. Paterson Responds

As the average age of the population increases, it will be more important that ever to insure that elderly people feel safe while doing such everyday things as walking across the street.

Groups, Electeds: CT Must Put Rail Project on Fast Track

This commuter rail project is along a stretch of track owned by Amtrak. While it is considered part of the northeast corridor, it has been the poor step child of the main north east corridor.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

Will Obama Repeat Clinton's Failure?

Clinton made some big promises about rail transportation in 1992 that never happened. Will Obama fail transit and rail transportation just like the Clinton Administration?

Bay Guardian: Build the Downtown Extension

One of the biggest problems with effective transportation planning is politics. We have seen it locally and here is an example from California. Caltrain currently ends south of downtown San Francisco and should be extended to the Transbay Terminal which would also allow High Speed Rail to use the facility. However, will politics get in the way?

Obama And Congress To Screw Up The Stimulus?

More on the possible outcomes for the stimulus package and where the money will most likely go.

From the Transit Miami Blog:

Public Transit Up; Auto Industry Down

While the 3rd Quarter looked good, you have to wonder what the 4th quarter will bring with the lower gas prices.

From the Trains for America Blog:

Amtrak NEC ridership down sharply in November; long distance ridership up

From the Streetsblog LA Blog:

Streetsblog Network: No Way to Build a Sidewalk

Story about a pole in the middle of a Louisville, Ky sidewalk. The question is asked why pedestrians have to deal with this and not motorist. They make a good point but if they drove 3300 South westbound west of about 1700 East, would they make the same claim? After all you cannot tell were the road ends, the telephone poles begin and were the pedestrians should run for cover.

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