Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Article Roundup

UTA TRAX and FrontRunner at Night 1Image via WikipediaUtahns walk less, weigh more

Well this is unexpected, NOT. Of course I am not one to talk since I need to loose some weight but it is slowly going down. Just today I walked from work to home even though there was some white stuff falling from the sky.

Of course part of the problem is there is too many pedestrian unfriendly neighborhoods. Take a walk in my neighborhood and by the time you get back you are checking how good your life insurance policy is.

UTA TRAX Operator Told To Stop Singing On The Train

On the one hand its nice to see a TRAX operator with personality. On the other hand when I am on TRAX I am usually either working on a project or thinking about it so I can see how many would consider it distracting. Just goes to show you can satisfy some of the people some of the time but...

Bus routes at risk as revenues slip

Once again, when your revenue base is dependent on something so cyclical as the sales tax, you have to deal with downturns in revenue usually when it is need the most.

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