Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Entries of Note...

Newark Light RailImage by SheepGuardingLlama via FlickrFrom the Bike Utah Valley Blog:

Transportation Open House Report

Brad over at Bike Utah Valley has some good comments about the recent transportation meeting. One comment he makes is that UDOT is still UDOT and is solely thinking about highways. Once again this shows that the people who are advocating turning UTA over to UDOT have one purpose in mine: to get UTA's funds transferred to highways because they are highway foamers.

My Dream for Orem

Brad tells us his dreams for Orem including rail instead of BRT which makes a lot of sense. I would only add that a rapid and regular streetcar would work fine instead of full blown LRT on some of his route suggestions.

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

NJ Pioneers an Urban Approach to “Safe Routes to School”

A New Jersey program that is designed to win federal funds that are targeted toward pedestrian improvements around schools. Creating safer environments for pedestrians especially school children is very important to build a truly pedestrian friendly area.

New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Line Scoping Hearings Announced

Connecticut DOT who operates commuter rail service in the state is looking at changes to Amtrak's neglected step child of the northeast corridor the New Haven to Springfield line.

ConnDOT, NYSDOT Commissioners Tout Transit-Oriented Development at Mayors’ Institute

New York and Connecticut are pushing transit oriented development to lesson the need for cars in the very congested region.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog comes:

Why is Adrian Moore Lying to the LA Times?

There is several good points made in this blog. First it has a link that shows how much oil money the supposed "independent" so-called think tank the Reason Foundation gets (much like its counterpart the Heartland Institute home to anti-transit mouth piece Wendell Cox).

It also shows how much new passengers high speed rail is carrying in Europe.

From the Track Twenty-Nine Blog:

Streetcars V 2.0

Washington DC is already looking at one streetcar line but Matt shows his proposal for a comprehensive streetcar network that would benefit much of the Washington DC area.

From the Transit Miami Blog:

Of Buses and Trams

According to the University of British Columbia, modern streetcars are the most cost effective and efficient investment of transit dollars. Second is Light Rail (which serves a different market from streetcars), followed by trolleybuses.

Coming soon to a Health District Near You!

A new health center being built just a third of a mile from a Tri-Rail commuter rail station but will have tons of parking but still qualifies for silver LEED certification.

From the Trains for America Blog:

Amtrak offers national rail pass

For years Amtrak has a rail pass but it has only been available to international tourist. They also have had another product that US residents could by but it required you to travel at least one segmant on the VIA rail network in the United States.

Now you can purchase a rail pass for US only trips.

From the Overhead Wire Blog:

Euclid Corridor BRT opens in Cleveland

Interesting article about the Federal New Starts program and how their effectiviness is calculated by the FTA.

From the Streetsblog (New York) Blog:

Park, Ride and Wash in Fahrradfreundliche Muenster

While UTA and Salt Lake proceed on thier bicycle center, maybe they can take some ideas from Muenster, Germany.

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Brad said...

I agree with you that rapid and frequent streetcar can be just as good as, or in some cases better than, light rail. The corridors on which I suggest LRT are higher traffic corridors that typical US streetcar systems could not handle. Given the lack of good transit options now, I'd settle for a good streetcar system any day. I would still like to see LRT on University Parkway and on State. The others I could see being streetcar. Now, how do we get government leaders to see the vision? If you have any good ideas, I'm open!

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