Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blog Entries of Note...

The Image via WikipediaFrom the Bike Utah Valley Blog comes important information:

Mountainland Transportation Planning Meeting

It is important to get out and have your voices heard. The people with the extreme political bent are always out there trying to say they represent the majority so it is important that the average person is present to let the bureaucrats know what is truly needed.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

Quantifying Prop 1A's Economic Stimulus

California has proposition 1A on the ballot that would support construction of a high speed rail line from San Francisco to Southern California. The blog talks about a study that shows the benefits the system would bring.

From the Track Twenty-Nine Blog:

Transit 101

We are lucky here in Salt Lake that the University of Utah was progressive when it comes to transportation planning. Too many Universities are still living in the 50's and don't want their students to have easy access to transit. It would be interesting to see the correlation between who the universities get donations from and their anti-transit attitude.

From the Overhead Wire Comes:

San Francisco May Do Fees Right

San Fransisco is looking toward rewarding developers who locate near transit when it comes to impact fees.

Transportation Secretary Short List

While I am trying to stay out of the Presidential election, this posting shows the possible candidates for Transportation Secretary in each administration. Notice that the one side favors highway lobbyist. What do you really think their transportation priorities will be?

From Streetsblog Los Angeles:

“Best of Streetfilms:” San Francisco Giants’ Bike Valet Parking

Valet parking for bicycles?

Governor Signs Complete Streets Legislation

I mentioned this legislation before. Amazing the Governor in California actually signed this considering how he is steeling transit funding to support highways.

From the RT Rider (Sacramento) comes:

"Park District" funding for transit

John from the RT Rider looks toward some creative financing ideas for transit. As I have mentioned in the last couple of days the biggest problem we currently have is that our transit funding is tied to a very volatile form of taxation. John has one way we could deal with the situation.

From the N-Judah Chronicles out of San Francisco:

A Modest Proposal For Purchasing MUNI Passes and Tickets...

MUNI in San Francisco is looking toward putting ticket machines in select places throughout the city in order to make it easier to board trains and buses. The author has the idea that these type of machines should be used to sell passes also.

How about putting ticketing machines at busy bus stops around along the Wasatch Front and make it possible to sell monthly passes out of them? On top of that, how about creating a tourist pass like I used in Miami that gives multiple days of riding for a low price to encourage visitors to use transit.

From the Cap'n Transit Rides Again Blog:

Why we need the bailout plan - NOT!

The blog talks about comments from Senator Reid that we needed the bailout to sell more cars and be able to put people in debt for those cars.

From the Baltimore Innerspace Blog Comes:

Owings Mills

A wonderful posting on how to make a transit station work better. Just look at the development of the new hospital complex and how unfriendly it is toward the transit station that is right across the street. Instead of building a complex that would complement the station IHC built a complex in spite of the transit connection.

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