Monday, October 20, 2008

Airport Line Launching Event

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UTA Airport Light Rail Line Takes Flight

Airport TRAX line to begin construction on fourth project of $2.8 billion program

What: The Utah Transit Authority announces the launch event for the Airport TRAX light rail line. This event marks the beginning of construction activites for the six mile project. This is the fourth of five lines included to UTA’s FrontLines 2015 project.

When: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 9:30 a.m.

Where: Utah State Fairpark, 1000 West North Temple

(Enter from 1000 West and follow the “UTA Event” signs)

Who: Speakers:

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker

Salt Lake City Councilman Carlton Christensen

Salt Lake City Councilman Van Turner

Utah House Speaker Greg Curtis

Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce President Lane Beattie

Info: The Airport TRAX line includes five new stations and branches off the Sandy/Salt Lake TRAX line at the Arena Station.

New Stations:

800 West South Temple

155 North 1000 West

1550 West North Temple

1900 West North Temple

Salt Lake International Airport, Terminal one.

UTA’s FrontLines 2015 project also includes the West Valley, Draper and Airport TRAX lines as well as the FrontRunner Provo to Salt Lake line.

The Airport TRAX line is scheduled to be finished by 2015.

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1 comment:

Abinadi Alexander said...

In the Tribune article on the airport TRAX line, Wasatch Front Regional Council's Sam Klemm says the airport TRAX line will "allow travelers from as far away as Ogden to ride commuter rail and light rail to the airport." Klemm expects strong ridership because "thousands" work at the airport and at state offices on North Temple. The article says "UTA hopes the TRAX route reduces automobile traffic in the corridor ..."

These are all commendable goals, but the reality is if that UTA were really serious about them, they could achieve them at least partially right now with improved bus service on Route 550.

The 550 route as currently designed is absurd. No one who comes into the airport at rush hour wants to waste their precious time getting to S.L. Central Station while the bus meanders the boondocks of Wiley Post Road. If UTA believes it makes sense to give riders an essentially direct route between S.L. Central Station and the airport via the TRAX line in 2012, why does that not make sense right now?

If the UTA genuinely believes its mission is to "reduce automobile traffic" and get Weber and Davis counties to the airport on public transportation, why won't they take intermediate steps toward those goals now?