Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Utah County Transit News...

Riders waiting at a U.S. bus stop with a shelter.Image via Wikipedia Bus rapid transit OK'd for Provo and Orem

Desired bus/rapid-transit changes in Orem

OK, I have made my feelings very clear on BRT so I will not go over them again. Basically you are going to take a bus route that runs every 15-minutes already (830) make it a little faster but then turn around and put on lower capacity buses (since the 830 still primarily uses Orion V high floor buses).

Orem will install 10 new bus stop shelters along State Street

I am glad to see Orem putting in more bus stop shelters as they are badly needed. I just hope they will maintain them once put in since they are often targets of vandals. Also doesn't help that State Street is a pedestrian nightmare.
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Brad said...

I have been reading your blog over the past week or so since you linked to ours at bikeuv.org. I am on Orem's transportation commission and like you am not a big fan of BRT. I fought as hard as I could to get light rail instead of BRT, but with the current political situation in Washington and the continued emphasis on the personal automobile as the transportation mode of choice both within state and federal government, it wasn't an option. At least it is convertible to light rail with the specified right of way. It will really take some foresight to make this work, and I am hopeful, but not really believing that it will. I hope we are both wrong. We should chat some time. Drop me a line.

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