Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog Postings from this week...

Eurostar and Thalys PBA TGVs side-by-side in t...Image via WikipediaHere are some blog postings from this week:

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

US Senate Ready to Step Up on High Speed Rail

Nearly A Good Laugh

What is interesting is that some of the people mentioned are the same ones used by a fringe group here that constantly attacks UTA. It is also interesting that groups like the one here in Utah and the Bus Riders Union in Los Angeles while being left wing groups have no problem bedding themselves with extreme right wing groups in order to promote their cause.

From the Xing Columbus Blog:

International Walk to School Day

This event is October 8th. Now if you live in one of the older communities with local schools that is great but for many who live in the era of walking unfriendly schools, then this is a little more complicated.

From the Blog:

PARK(ing) Day Returns This Friday!

Today is national Park(ing) day in which people turn parking stalls into park areas. Apparently no in Salt Lake City has decided to participate according to the website.

From the VTA Watch Blog in San Jose:

Measure B puts Caltrain electrification at risk

Caltrain is the highly successful commuter train service between San Jose and San Fransico, California. Currently run with diesel locomotives, they have been looking at electrification for several years. Now Caltrain starts to electrify and other cities start looking at it, manufactureres will start looking to make FRA compliant EMU's which in turn would make Front Runner electrification make more sense.

From Transit Miami comes:

Dude, Where’s My City Car?

Interesting concept that expands on the car sharing program.

Energy Improvement and Extension Act

This act would add tax incentives for bicycle commuters and such things as electric drive vehicles. How about transit riders?

From the Trains for America Blog:

Kerry’s high-speed rail plan: The whole letter

Developing: A big HSR bill from John Kerry?

It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this. Of course here in Utah we need the development of better regional and long distance trains that is totally ignored with ideas such as this.

From the Overhead Wire Comes:

Those Pie Charts Again

Great information about housing and transit especially about economic diversity around transit.

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