Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Entries of Note...

An ICE 3 high-speed train on the Ingolstadt-Mu...Image via Wikipedia Since I will not be available to post tomorrow, here is the weekly blog posts I found of interest:

From the Bike Utah Valley Blog:

Bikes on Trains & Buses

Interesting comments about the problems up in Portland with bikes on transit. If you listen to some people you would think that UTA does nothing right, while it is not perfect it is not the evil empire some people make it out to be.

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

At National Conference, NJ Cited as Leader on Bike Policy

Utah ranked 11th out of the 50 states which is not too bad although it could be better. We need to be working on multimodal solutions such as the bike route next to the TRAX line in Draper.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

Ghettoizing Rail

Once again talks about the importance of integrating rail service to provide a better network of service.

From the Xing Columbus Blog:

Should States Raise the Minimum Driving Age?

Of course parents and students hate this idea and to make matters worse, the poor design of most new schools makes it virtually impossible for anyone to walk to school. I think the major issue here is not the age that drivers get licenses but the fact that there is not alternatives.

I won't even get into the fact that people are allowed to cheat on their Utah drivers tests...

From Transit Miami:

Miami’s Newest Urban Square?

Miami’s Newest Urban Square, Part 2

We already have an advantage over Miami as we have Pioneer Park. Yes it has its issues but it has the potential to be that Urban Square of Salt Lake City. Of course the isolated suburbanites will still fear the park for some time and even after its clean up with still tell stories about the problems but that's their problem.

From the Overhead Wire:

BART thinks about Peak Period Pricing

The Seattle METRO system already charges more in the peak period than in the off peak periods.

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