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West Valley TRAX Update

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Construction progress continues on the West Valley TRAX Line. To keep business and traffic impacts to a minimum, this five-mile project has been separated into seven construction “reaches,” or segments. The map below shows each construction reach in a different color, starting with Reach 1 in light green on the south end of the project and ending with Reach 7 in dark green on the north end.

A description of what is happening in each area is listed below. If you need further construction information, please call our toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854.

Reach 1

Reach Description: Reach 1 is the area along Constitution Boulevard (2700 South) from West Valley City Hall at 3600 South extending north to 3100 South. This area includes both large and small businesses, as well as many residents. Access to all businesses and residences will be maintained throughout construction.

Current Construction:

· Progress continues on the station platform between West Valley City Hall and the Public Safety Building. Embedded track is scheduled to be installed beginning the first week of July.

· Third party utility work continues along both sides of Constitution Boulevard, and curb and gutter work is taking place in front of Valley Fair Mall.

· Crews continue to do roadwork on Constitution Boulevard between 3100 South and 3500 South and have completed the 16” waterline work.

Upcoming Construction:

· Traffic is scheduled to switch to the east side of Constitution Boulevard on July 12th.

· Crews will begin replacing current fencing along the west side of Constitution Boulevard with temporary fencing on July 13th. We will meet with each resident bordering the west side of Constitution Boulevard early next week to talk about this process.

Traffic Impacts: Traffic on 2700 West between 3100 South and 3500 South is operational on the west side of the road. There are also lane restrictions south of 3500 South; however, access is maintained. Please be mindful of construction crews and obey posted speed limits.

Reach 2

Reach Description: Reach 2 is the area along 3100 South from Constitution Boulevard to Decker Lake Drive. The E Center and a few other businesses are located in this reach, as well as residents on either side of 3100 South. Access will be maintained throughout construction and we will work with the E Center to coordinate our efforts so you can continue to visit the great events they have to offer. When TRAX is completed along 3100 South, it will operate on the south side of the roadway.

Current Construction: Crews continue to build the TRAX bridge approach between Maple Way and I-215. Work also continues on the actual bridge crossing I-215 south of 3100 South. And utility work also continues at the E Center.

Upcoming Construction:

· Nighttime construction is scheduled to take place on the TRAX bridge over I-215 on the south side of 3100 South from June 29th until July 31st. Work will begin at 7 p.m and last until 5 a.m. Noise impacts are anticipated to be minimal during nighttime work activities. Residents are encouraged to call the 24-hour hotline number at (888) 800-8854 if there are questions or concerns.

Traffic Impacts: Currently, there are lanes restrictions on 3100 South; however, access is being maintained.

Reach 3

Reach Description: Reach 3 is the area along Decker Lake Drive from 3100 South to Research Way (2770 South) and running east to Redwood Road. It includes many commercial office buildings with thousands of employees who access this area on a daily basis.

Current Construction: The west side of Decker Lake Drive is open and access is being maintained. Crews have started work on the storm drain on the east side of the road. Preliminary utility work has also begun on Research Way near Redwood Road.

Upcoming Construction: Utility work is scheduled to begin along Decker Lake Drive toward the end of June. Foundations for the overhead wiring system are also scheduled to be installed during the first week of July.

Traffic Impacts: There are lane restrictions on Decker Lake Drive; however, access is being maintained.

Reach 4

Reach Description: Reach 4 runs through the Chesterfield residential area along 2770 South and proceeds along the Decker Lake Canal and the Crosstowne Trail. We will work with residents to ensure a safe working environment that provides access to their properties throughout construction.

Current Construction: Significant work has been accomplished in the Chesterfield area. Crews are currently preparing the trackway and have placed ties and rail in various areas throughout the reach.

Upcoming Construction: Lester Street between Claybourne Avenue and Southgate Avenue is closed until July 2nd so rail can be installed. We appreciate the residents’ patience during this construction phase.

Traffic Impacts:

· The Crosstowne Trail along 2770 South just east of Redwood Road to the Brighton Canal is currently closed. Once TRAX construction is completed, the trail will open again.

Reach 5

Reach Description: Reach 5 includes construction along 1070 West in the Chesterfield industrial area. This reach includes one bridge structure over the Jordan River and another over 900 West.

Current Construction: Crews are scheduled to continue installing retaining walls on the east side of 1070 West until the first week of July. Storm drain work is scheduled to continue until the first week of July. Work is also being completed on the Jordan River TRAX bridge. Access is being maintained and we appreciate the businesses’ patience.

Upcoming Construction: After utility work is complete in this reach, crews will begin working on the roadway on the west side of 1070 West, which should last until the end of the summer season. Once the west side of the roadway is completed, crews will then begin work on the east side of the roadway. Construction is anticipated to take place for the next several months.

Traffic Impacts: As construction proceeds, there will be lane restrictions, although access will be maintained.

Reach 6

Reach Description: Reach 6 runs through the Union Pacific Railroad’s Roper Yard area. Although there are no businesses and residents, extensive coordination will take place with the Union Pacific Railroad to ensure that freight deliveries and other train travel is maintained. Reach 6 includes plans for an extensive bridging system that will enable TRAX to operate over other train traffic.

Current Construction: Significant progress continues on the TRAX bridge structures over the Roper Yard area near 2200 South and 600 West. Crews are also excavating the TRAX guideway just south of SR 201 between the Jordan River and 900 West. Construction is also proceeding just east of 900 West along the south side of SR 201.

Upcoming Construction: Coordination will continue with the Union Pacific Railroad to install utilities and bridge structures.

Traffic Impacts: Not applicable.

Reach 7

Reach Description: Reach 7 is the area where the West Valley Line will connect with the current north/south TRAX Line. Construction will take place along Andy Avenue in South Salt Lake and crews will closely coordinate activities with businesses to ensure access is maintained.

Current Construction: Storm drain installation along Andy Avenue has been completed. We thank businesses for their support.

Upcoming Construction: On Monday, June 29th, night construction will take place at the Andy Avenue and 400 West intersection. Work will begin at 7 p.m. and last until 9 a.m. A flagger will be used to move local traffic through the construction area. At this time, Bearcat Drive at Andy Avenue will close permanently and Andy Avenue will be reconstructed to accommodate work on the West Valley Line.

Traffic Impacts: Access will be maintained during construction.

General Information

Access during Construction

UTA is committed to maintaining 24-hour access to all of the businesses and residences along the construction corridor. We will coordinate with businesses in cases where access may be temporarily limited.

Construction Hours

Construction on the project is permitted to take place between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Additionally, specific activities may require different working hours depending upon the conditions and will be coordinated with city officials.

Construction Tours

If you are interested in learning more about the construction project, please call our toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854.

For More Information

Timely and helpful information is available to assist business and residential communities as well as commuters and stakeholders.

If you have questions or any comments regarding the project, please contact our toll-free 24-hour hotline at (888) 800-8854 or e-mail You can also visit UTA’s Web site at

Please note that construction information provided is subject to change.

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