Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blog Postings of Note...

I should probably point out even though I have been posting these links for months, is that I do not always agree with all that is said in these postings, but I feel that they provide good information on what is happening around the country and a good source of debate.

From the Imagine No Cars Blog:

Creating Bike/Pedestrian Friendly Neighborhoods

Gathering Storm Over Zoning Rewrite

From the Transport Politic Blog:

What’s Taking Austin So Long?

Washington Considers Covering Transit Operating Costs

Raising the General Fund Option

Lackawanna Cutoff Program Cleared for Engineering

Winston-Salem Proposes Modern Streetcar Line

Electrification Suddenly in Vogue Again

Washington Hesitates on the Next Transportation Bill

From Streetsblog San Francisco:

To Reduce Driving, Put a Real Price on Parking

Ingleside PD Crosswalk Sting Results in Numerous Tickets, Tows

Muni Bus-Stop Spacing Analysis Shows 70 Percent of Stops Too Close

Will Memphis Rise to the Transit Challenge?

Revisiting the San Francisco Freeway Revolt

Call for Regional Coordination of Land Use and Transportation

Assembly Passes Law Cracking Down on Disability Parking Permit Abuse

New Urbanism, Old Urbanism and “Creative Destruction”

The Two-Wheeling Future of Fort Worth

Now Arriving: Transit-Oriented Development

$388 Million Streetscape Measure Could Deliver Complete Streets — or Not

The Failure of Design in Downtown New Haven

U.S. Dot Clocks High-Speed Rail at 110 MPH, Give or Take

LaHood Asks for 18-Month Extension of Four-Year-Old Transpo Law

Bike and Ped Infrastructure Depends on Federal Funds, Too

Oberstar’s New Transportation Bill: Get The Highlights

From Stephen Rees's Blog:

Shifting Gears II – Walking

Electrification evaluation expands

Metro Vancouver’s growth strategy hits interference

Parking restrictions will fail in their aim

From the Denver Infill Blog:

Paris Observations, Part 2

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

There’s No Place Like Home… Especially in a Transit Village

From the Transit Sleuth Blog:

Light Rail Schedule

TriMet’s Portland Bus Mall

New Urbanism, Old Urbanism, Traditional Neighborhoods

From the Transit Miami Blog:

Boston Unveils Smart Code

Department of Energy: Peak Oil Closer Than We Thought

Florida In Running for High Speed, Not Likely To Receive Funding

From the Transbay Blog:

Peninsula Investments

From the Trains for America Blog:

China promises new generation of bullet train in 2011

Rail transport quote of the day

Fantastically desperate arguments against Amtrak

Ohio’s Gov. Strickland lobbies for state’s HSR (read: passenger rail) plan

BNSF still interested in electrification

In China, big rail push leading to big IT jobs – UPDATED

Georgia governor Purdue is HSR convert

New York Times Magazine talks HSR, reminds us why we like Ray

On the future, new urbanism, high speed rail and other things that go bump in the night

HSR stimulus guidelines lay out federal objectives, aim for grants in late summer

From the Overhead Wire Blog:

Knew It Was Gonna Happen

Of Montréal Electrification

Drinking from a Firehose

It's a Shame About Ray

It's Psychological

The Battle for Salt Lake

More Busway to Tollway

Radical Transformation?

Dr. Evil's Rowhouse

Night Owl Links

Consumate Salesmen

From Streetsblog Los Angeles:

Council Tips Its Hand on Transit Priorities

Who Can We Turn To When LAPD Doesn’t Know Crosswalk Laws?

Does LADOT Fear Pedicabs?

Chicago Pays the Price for Parking Privatization

Less Parking, More Healthy Food

A Bright Beginning for Light Rail in Phoenix

House GOPers Propose Filling Trust Fund With Stimulus Money

Times’ Readers Freak Out at So. Pasadena School Bus Sting

From Streetsblog New York:

Kent Avenue: The Saga Continues

National Transportation Funding Is Ailing — Is Michigan ‘Patient Zero’?

End Central Park Road Rage: Keep Cars Out

City Council Bill Aims to Quiet Motorcycle Noise

Fifth Ave Merchants: Delivery Problems Have Nothing to Do With Bike Lane

The NYC Street Design Manual: Guidelines for a Livable City

In the Works: Senate Bill to Promote Sustainable Development

GOP’s New Attack on Health Care Reform Bill: It Promotes Walking!

Eyes on the Street: Broadway Improved Beyond Times Square

Do Pedicabs Belong in Bike Lanes?

From the Sprawled Out Blog:

Regret in the suburbs? Killing a fly with a sledgehammer will have consequences

Is the tide slowly turning against sprawl?

From the Smart Growth America Blog:

Chalk up a victory for Minnesota and neighborhood schools

EPA joins inter-agency effort to support livable communities and smarter growth

From the Seattle Transit Blog:

“We need to do everything possible to get new stations built quickly.”

358 Bus Stop Plazas

20/40/40 Under Fire

Amtrak Cascades - More Track work

Train Frequency and the Downtown Tunnel

Regional Rapid Transit news

News Roundup: $99,000,000,000

From the N-Judah Blog:

Wednesday Guest Blogger: Greening the N Route

Monday Morning Blues: Stop Consolidation and A Chance to Talk All Things BRT on Van Ness

Guest Blogger Wednesday: Going Car-Free In San Francisco

From the Cap'n Transit Blog:

Amongst our objectives...

Being proactive about the Niantic River Bridge

Phoenix Sky Train and the limits of intermodality

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