Monday, June 08, 2009

Blog Postings of Note...

Amtrak TrainImage by tomsaint11 via Flickr

From the Imagine No Cars Blog:

Two Months Down

From the Travel and Trains and Other Things Blog:

More Trains? Great ... But First Things First!

A New – and Excellent – Idea for the Sunset Limited

From the Transport Politic:

Can High-Speed Rail Save American Manufacturing?

Chicago Recommends Red Line Extension Route

From Streetsblog San Francisco:

To Reduce Pedestrian Fatalities, Focus Enforcement on Cars

and Pay For It”" rel="bookmark">LaHood Vows to Avert Federal Transpo Bankruptcy and Pay For It

“Shovel Ready” High Speed Rail? CA Is Ahead of the Game

Transit Planners to Congress: Please Figure Out How to Fund Us

From Stephen Rees's Blog:

1,000 units, near car-free, planned in Hayward

From the Downtown Infill Blog:

Baseball Stadium District: We Need More Parking Lots!

Paris Observations, Part I

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

Access to the Region’s Core Gets Full Federal Support

NJ Future’s Smart Growth Awards Span State

NYS Commission: Private Sector Could Boost Transit-Oriented Development, Bridges

From the Walkable Neighborhoods Blog:

My Top 20 Favorite Large US Cities: 5 through 1

From Transit Miami:

Parking Requirements Reduced at Museum Park

GM To Declare Bankruptcy;Bicycle Manufacturers Set To Roll On?

From Trains for America:

Baltimore uses Penn Station as hub for urban development (good idea)

Amtrak, high speed rail, and political reality

Amtrak Sunset/Eagle report from New Orleans

Memphis seeks inclusion on high speed rail

From the Overhead Wire:

Oh the Memories...

Sugarhouse Update

How I Learned to Love the B...Geary

From Streetsblog:

House to Vote This Week on Weak ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Plan

Eyes on the Street: First Weekend of Car-Free Summer Streets

Putting a Chill on Sprawl in New Jersey

From Smart Growth Around America:

What should be done with dead malls?

Doctors prescribe smarter growth

What can Americans not live without?

Houses may be cheaper — but still not affordable

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MvxzW said...

Thanks for sharing all these links. I work for the Metro in St Louis; we just recently started a blog on Facebook page. ( I'll be checking your site for more information about transit across the country.

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