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From Streetsblog San Francisoco:

Caltrain Will Boost Bicycle Capacity But It’s Still Not Enough

Caltrain like many other systems including UTA is having issues with the number of bicycles that are trying to use the service.

Columbus and Its Mall: This Marriage Can’t Be Saved

Has our love affair with the malls come to an end and what can be done with these big spaces like the moribund Cottonwood Mall project?

Living a Car-Free Life

Story of a couple from San Francisco living a car free life.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

Lindbergh Field HSR Station Plans Emerge

Project to incorporate a new terminal at the San Diego airport that will have direct access to the San Diego light rail system, Amtrak and the high speed rail lines.

From the Xing Columbus Blog:

Cleveland to Build Ohio’s First Bike Station

Nice article about bike stations which we should soon have at Central Station.

From the Transit Miami Blog:

Sprawl is Dead, says Obama

Big talk, but will it lead to any action?

From the Overhead Wire blog:

Sunday Backlog Links

Some great comments about transit in Los Angeles plus other aritcles that you may find interesting.

Three Projects is Waaay Too Many

Apparently the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina (a city I once lived while working in NASCAR) thinks that working towards three transit projects at once is too much. I guess he would think were positively wacko here in Utah...

Imagine This Story Times Millions

My question is, there is so many property rights advocates coming out of the woodwork especially in Denver because of light rail construction, did these people say anything when people were losing their homes to the interstate highway system?

From Streetsblog LA:

Community Plan for Boyle Heights a Test of Planning’s Promise

Los Angeles City planning has stated it plans to work with neighborhoods to create plans that the citizens want. The new Boyle Heights plan will put that promise to the test.

From Biking in LA: The Pedestrian Free Crosswalk

Pedestrians are banned from a Westwood intersection despite the presence of pedestrian signals. Planning at its finest to improve the life of the automobile.

From Streetsblog:

An Attempt to Create Empathy in Drivers

Will signs make drivers think about pedestrians more?

Streetfilms: A Conversation With Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Interview with the very vocal pro transit and bicycling Earl Blumenauer out of Portland, Oreogn.

From the Sprawled Out Blog:

Kid-friendly senior housing proposed - JSOnline

Most senior developments are designed as being anti-children. However, a growing number of older people are having to raise thier grand children due to various reasons so a development in Milwaukee will be designed for those raising their grandkids.

From the Seattle Transit Blog:

New Zipcar office and city partnership are big steps in company’s effort to expand

Car sharing is being expanded in Seattle but we are still waiting for it in Salt Lake City. Plus it would be nice if it was a locally owned company.

From the RT Rider Blog:

Stimulating transit

Senate approves money for transit projects.

From the Jacksonville Transit Blog:


Florida will not be getting any stimulus money for transit.

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