Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Entries of Note...

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From the Craig's Compendium Blog:

Farmington’s Future…is it transit based?

A real estate agent up in Farmington talks about the Farmington Station project. He also mentions how he wished he didn't have to leave Farmington to spend his retail dollars. Of course by spending money in a chain store he is still sending his money out of town so what's the difference?

From Streetsblog San Francisco:

What Does Beauty Have to Do With Sustainability?

Should A older Wal-Mart or an urban freeway that destroyed a neighborhood be considered for historic preservation since some of them are getting up in there in age?

The Myth of the Urban Driving Shoppers

Most small business owners fear the lost of parking spots and always blame their drop in customers on a lack of parking. However, a new study in one community found out that many customers do not arrive by car.

Planning Department Unveils San Francisco’s First Pedestrian Priority Street

Plan for a street in a tourist area that will focus on the pedestrian.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

Sacramento Meltdown

More from the circus that is going on in California. It now looks like all transit operating funds will be cut meaning massive cuts to service across the state. Now they are also talking about a "hard spending cap" which would mean if a project is approved by the voters, a similiar amount has to be cut from the general budget.

From Transit Miami comes:

Homestead the new Doral??

The author makes a good point in that we need to change the way we look at developments and make them less autocentric.

Our New Passenger Rail Grid

The National Association of Railroad Passengers has released their newest dream plan for rail passenger routes. Sadly it looks pretty similar to a map I found that they produced in 1978 except there are fewer trains actually running now.

The Stimulus Bill Illustrated

From Trains for America:

Boardman set to shake things up at Amtrak, dismayed at staff “burnouts”

Hopefully Boardman will shake things up at Amtrak is it is badly needed, but I will believe change will happen when I see it actually happening instead of just talk.

More HSR money on the way?

Once again, High Speed Rail will do little for us out here in Utah. What we need is upgrades to existing routes and increasing the system of trains.

From the Overhead Wire Blog:

Oscars Lame Again

Strange, none of those green talking actors and actresses actually took green transportation to the Oscars. To top it all off they closed the Highland/Hollywood subway station for "security reasons" which created more traffic problems.

Phoenix Ridership to a Good Start

Light rail is working even in Phoenix.

From the Cap'n Transit Blog:

The goals of transit funding, and its obstacles

Something that everyone should read.

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