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From Streetsblog San Francisco:

Concrete Giveaway: Free and Exclusive Parking on the Public Street

Problems created in San Francisco by the requirement for off street parking on residential development that dates for the 1950's. People are actually being killed over parking spaces.

Accomodating Bike Speeds by Re-timing Signals on Valencia Street

Retiming traffic signals making bicycling safer. Of course there is always the problem with pedestrian signals and their short times that cause problems for the elderly.

The Impending Failure of San Francisco’s Pilot Bike Share Program

The San Francisco bike share program will have few bikes but will have high ongoing cost which limits the chances of success.

From the Mobilizing the Region Blog:

1% of Stimulus for Public Transit = Disappointment #1?

Transit is busting at the seams but gets little from the stimulus package.

From the California High Speed Rail Blog:

Destination Lindbergh

The San Diego airport is hemmed in by development, the bay, and downtown San Diego so expansion is out of the question. The proposal to replace the Miramar Naval Air Station with a new airport has not worked out so what is the solution? Using the proposed California High Speed Rail line to take some of the workload off the airport just like many European cities.

From the Xing Columbus Blog:

Picturing Smart Growth

Turning suburban sprawl into something more livable and substainable.

From the Transit Miami Blog:

A Transit Paradox

More on the problems that many transit systems are facing: increasing ridership and declining operating revenue. When I was in Miami a year ago, the Tri-Rail rail system ran full on all the trips I took including off-peak and reverse peak trips. Now it may be cut by more than 60% despite huge capacity increasing projects over the last few years.

The Marlins Ballpark: A Lost Opportunity

Another poorly designed stadium is closer to being built. Instead of looking to the successes like San Francisco, Baltimore and others, Miami's new ballpark continues the poor planning of the past.

From the Trains for America Blog:

Amtrak studying Pioneer route return

Amtrak doing a study about returning the Salt Lake City/Portland/Seattle Pioneer. However the question is, if this trian started, what equipement would be used? Also there is no talk of riving the Desert Wind from Salt Lake to Los Angeles via Las Vegas despite how well the train did especially from Las Vegas to Salt Lake and beyond.

From the Seattle Transit Blog:

Transit Commuter Types

Take a break from the serious links and look at the transit commuter types. What types do you see and what type are you???

From the Portland Transport Blog:

Wither Fareless Square?

Portland just like Salt Lake City has a fareless zone in its downtown area. There is talk that after the Green Line to Clackamas Town Center opens in September, the fareless zone will apply to Rail only.

From the Jacksonville Transit Blog:


No need to comment on this one...

From the Intermodality blog in Houston:

The way to Santa Fe

The Intermodality blog talks about the New Mexico Rail Runner commuter trian service which runs between Belen to Santa Fe via Albuquerque and uses the exact same equipment as Front Runner.

In the middle of the article the author mentions what he feels are the 8 ingrediants to successful commuter train service. The one thing lacking when it comes to Front Runner is stations you can walk or bike to but that will come in time.

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