Monday, April 28, 2008

Front Runner Inaugural

Saturday morning Utah Transit Authority held special ceremony to inaugurate the new Front Runner service between Ogden and Salt Lake City.

There was a huge crowd present at the Salt Lake Intermodal Depot and the other stations to celebrate the opening of the new train service. Among the dignitaries present was both of our Senators, the Lt. Governor, Rep. Valentine from our state legislature and others.

As expected, the cars from Bombardier are wonderful to ride as they are smooth and quiet that are equipped with carpeting and nice cloth seats which will make them a pleasant ride for those who eventually ride from Provo to Ogden when the train is extended.

It was fun watching the reaction of the drivers on I-15 as the train passed their cars but of course there had to be the idiot who tried to race the train to show his manhood which ultimately shows the opposite but oh well.

There was a big difference between the first TRAX opening and today. Back in 1999 many people were not sure if TRAX would be a success and any future expansion was in question.

Saturday however there was the knowledge that TRAX is a success and that we are going to see some great expansion in the next 7 years.

There will be more work to be done, but Saturday was the start of something good.


American Fork said...
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American Fork said...

It saw a little blurb about this in the news. I am excited to see this in action and eventually try it out!

Anonymous said...

And also remember what a disaster the opening day of TRAX turned out to be... I remember standing on the platform on that cold December morning staring at an parked train as it waited for a track switch to start working again. Thank God this opening day went much better :)