Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cache Valley Transit Celebrates 16 Years...

USU-Old Main From Bus Shelter
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Cache transit system marks 16 years

The Cache Valley Transit System is celebrating 16 years of service, and provides good service throughout the Cache Valley. My wife's niece who is currently going to USU has made extensive use of the transit system despite being raised by a mother who thought transit was beneath her.

A couple of points about what is mentioned in the article.

First of all it talks about a connection to the UTA. With all the traffic currently traveling along US Highways 89/91, providing a connecting bus service over to Logan is becoming more critical every day. That connection will come even more critical once FrontRunner is extended all the way to Brigham City providing that area better transit service than it every has.

The article also mentions how the trolleys were eliminated. However, like most articles it doesn't go into the deeper problems that caused the original streetcars lines to be eliminated which included:

-Streetcar systems were highly taxed and those taxes subsidized roads while buses did not face these taxes.
-Planning policies that focused on auto centric developments
-Policies that said streets would not get funding for improvements if they had streetcars using them
-FDR loosing the mortgage requirements which basically subsidized suburban development and discouraged non suburban style development.

Congrats to Cache Valley on 16 years. The system does face some challenges but good transit service is needed in the area and becoming more important every day.

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